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  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 35 minutes ago
  • Windowsill In The Woods
    This place only serves drinks and pies. It might not sound too appealing, but do give their pies a try, they're simply AMAZING. When I first walked into the place, all the pies on display looked so colourful and appetising, so I had a hard time deciding on what to eat. One of the staff members sensed my dilemma and offered to give me an introduction of all the pies. I settled on...
    wall 6 hours ago
  • Graffiti Cafe
    Honestly, when I first heard of "Graffiti Cafe", I was expecting lots of cakes, pastries and all the things that you'd expect in cafes these days. But oh how wrong I was. Graffiti Cafe is much like your typical Yakun Kaya Toast or Toast Box that sells local food at a cheap price. There is nothing cafe-like about it. My feelings were so cheated. Nonetheless, I really liked the interior of the place, completely...
    wall 11 hours ago