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Recent activities

  • EQ.T reviewed The Paper Stone.
    The Paper Stone
    My sister loves this place, and I have to admit, so do I. It is so! precious! And I mean that in the nicest way. All of the goods there are so adorable - I have this pink file which is imprinted with dreamy images of rainbows and this other dinosaur file that I simply love. The wares are durable too - I've used these files for ages and they haven't fallen apart. ...
    wall 3 hours ago
  • Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd
    It really doesn't help that this place is located in the west and I in the east. Travelling there (without a car, obviously) is a really long journey, both ways. From what I've heard prior to booking classes, the lessons were really boring and pointless and the course took really long to complete. Since I already had low expectations, I was not disappointed. I was, certainly, looking for a better place to put my...
    wall 4 hours ago
  • PCF Kindergarden
    I had a rather bad experience going to school here. The teachers played favourites and constantly told me I was too talkative (well only one of them, and I remember her to this day). Really doesn't strike me as something an educator should do, especially since, you know, I was 4. Instead of encouraging, they scolded, instead of explaining, they prescribed formulaic behaviour. "Do __________ if you want to be a good girl." Coursework...
    wall 4 hours ago