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  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Im-kim.pngStudent Meals   Back when I was still in school, money was always a problem for me - I never had enough! Hanging out with my friends after school would cost me my whole week's allowance, and ...
    easyblog 3 hours ago
  • Amanda Er reviewed Prologue.
    I am a sucker for books. You can call me a geek or nerd or both. I can literally talk about books for hours on end and never get bored of it. It probably runs in the family because everyone in my family is a bookworm and we will never regret spending on books. If I am given a choice, I would rather book shopping than retail shopping. Prologue will definitely be one...
    wall 15 hours ago
  • Amanda Er reviewed Maki-San.
    I finally tried Maki-San today and got it off my bucket list! Well it is not exactly on my list but it almost felt that way because I have always wanted to try but never got to do so till now. The long awaited first bite was definitely very satisfactory. What is so enticing about Maki-San is the fact that you get to customize your own masterpiece. I choose brown rice because you...
    wall 15 hours ago