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Recent activities

  • TomYum KungFu
    Tom Yum Kungfu is the cleanest Mookata dining I have been to. With the cemented furniture and the intricate designs of the other decor, it gives off a refreshing vibe to the smoky place. Both the Boat Quay and Serangoon outlets model after this concept. However, I have had better and cheaper Mookata. The portions served here are pretty lacking compared to the others I have tried. Nonetheless, I really like how...
    wall 10 minutes ago
  • November8 Coffee & Company
    I was at Nov 8 cafe for a wedding reception so I'm not that inclined to talk about the normal menu and cafe experience but we were served a couple of things from the kitchen and the spicy sweet potato fries were so unexpectedly good! They very kindly put a plate of fries on all the tables and at first I dismissed it because I was looking forward to the catered dinner reception but...
    wall 16 minutes ago
  • Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao and Steamboat Buffet
    Salivate is the first involuntary physical reaction when I hear the acronym XLB. It is almost impossible to satisfy my cravings for Xiao Long Baos given the lacking in my wallet all the time. The Crystal Jade at Holland Village has Xiao Long Bao Steamboat Buffet going on for years but it was only recently that I paid a visit. If there's one regret in my life, it would be not heading there earlier. ...
    wall 27 minutes ago