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Recent activities

  • EQ.T reviewed Sushi Express.
    Sushi Express
    You pay for what you get - and what you get in this case is limited options, sashimi that is clearly past its freshest, and a packed and uncomfortable dining environment. The prices, though, may be much more appealing to you - my mother brought my brother and I to this place, and the 3 of us spent less than $30 altogether, which is uncommon for Japanese fare. We managed this despite eating almost...
    wall 39 minutes ago
  • 85 Fengshan Centre
    Having lived in Bedok all my life, Blk 85, as the locals fondly refer to it as, is no unfamiliar territory. From my primary school days, when I would rush here after school to eat bak chor mee with my companions, to my secondary school days, when I would come here for supper with my friends, this place features in many wonderful memories. The first time I came here, of course, was with family,...
    wall 43 minutes ago
  • Shin-Sapporo Ramen
    I really do not like the ramen served up. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't come back even with the free flow ramen. The ramen I tried was tasteless, and it was decidedly undelicious from start to end - I had to compel myself to even finish it, and I was famished and had a craving for ramen then. My friend recommended this place, and everyone else at the table ended...
    wall 49 minutes ago