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Recent activities

  • The Toy Rental Club
    I used The Toy Rental Club a few years back when I was organising a community carnival on behalf of AG Home. It was mainly for equipment for outdoor purposes, such as motor toy cars where children can sit in as well as playhouses. In essence, I generally found the service provided acceptable. For starters, the website, whilst not very enticing in terms of design and layout, provided detailed information...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Club DREAM
    I've been here once on my friend's birthday. It's not a place that I would go back to very often. The dance floor is rather small, they're mostly chairs and tables around. So unless you're filled to the brim in your pockets to pay for those seats, it's difficult to get yourself comfortable in a club like this. Their drinks are nice, but those are usually your standard cocktail mixes that any bar...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • U-Town National University of Singapore
    It's a really beautiful campus, and there are two nice little cafes for you to sit at and study. The starbucks in Utown is also cheaper than the normal prices outside. Cedele is a pretty little hideout for cakes and chit-chats with friends as well. For students who are looking for a conducive place to study, there's the PC and Mac Commons Rooms. Although, you need to have a matriculation card or a...
    wall 1 hour ago