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  • WriteItPerfect
    In the process of planning my life after National Service, my resume became an important consideration as I was sourcing jobs to occupy my time whilst waiting for university. Due to years of neglect, I did not feel confident about submitting it for the purview of employers and despite rewriting it, did not feel that it presented the face of who I was and what I was capable of contributing to a company. ...
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  • Jian Qiang added a photo for WriteItPerfect
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  • Jian Qiang added new listing WriteItPerfect in Other Agencies.
    Established in 2009, WriteItPerfect assists job seekers in securing their dream job through professional resume writing. With a staff originating from the recruitment sector and specialised in different fields, they possess an excellent understanding of what employers in different sectors are looking for. In addition to doing up the main CV, additional services such as cover letter writing and LinkedIn updates are offered as well. The company has a policy of 100% money back...
    wall 8 hours ago