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Finding my goal in life. Meanwhile, solace is found in the kitchen and camera, albeit amateurish.

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Last year I wrote "I can't wait for Christmas 2013 now."

It had been a wonderful 2013, and now in 2014, I still can't wait for Christmas too.

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Averlynn Lim

Averlynn Lim

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  • Fussy Cat voted as helpful a review, Guilty (not!) indulgence., written by Averlynn Lim.
    Their raw cakes mygosh. Fell in love with their cakes upon first bite. Initially I wasn't expecting much from their cakes since they were raw, like c'mon, nothing's baked, how could it possibly be nice/ how nice could it be? I WAS WRONG. WRONG BABY WRONG. I got their berry cheescake, the one which looked the most photogenic (hahaha life of an instagrammer), and it was like stacked layers of red...
    wall 3 days ago
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_large.jpg11 Reasons why being short is awesome   Some of you may be wondering how life’s like being a short girl. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to grow by playing basketball, skipping, j ...
    easyblog 41 days ago

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