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  • Fussy Cat voted as helpful a review, Yummy cakes and sweet breads, written by kuchiki.
    Not exactly the place I'll go to if I have a craving for sweets, but I must say that SwissBake serves really good bread and cakes. Each time I spot a SwissBake outlet, I never fail to walk past it without first going in to have a good look at their various cakes and breads. If you pay attention, you'd notice that nearly all their breads *gleam*, and that makes them all the more appealing....
    wall 318 days ago
  • Fussy Cat voted as helpful a review, An inexpensive alternative to Breadtalk, written by kuchiki.
    One of the better, inexpensive alternatives to the overrated, over-frequented, over-expanded BreadTalk. I recommend their mini mochi breads, which are delightfully chewy, and not leathery as some might expect on first glance. While it wasn't oozing cheese, it certainly tasted of cheese, as if cheese were baked into the bread itself. I, however, didn't appreciate the strawberry-flavoured mochi breads which were stuffed with red bean paste, which I detest. Be sure also to...
    wall 408 days ago

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