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  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Excellent Service, written by kuchiki.
    Katanashi is an izakaya-style Japanese restaurant that is easy to miss, especially if you tend to walk past Boat Quay without paying attention to any of the restaurants, a handful of which are admittedly not even worth considering. Katanashi is not one of these restaurants. Once you so much as set a foot in, expect to be impressed first by the friendly waiting staff and their warm greetings, uttered in perfect unison and in a...
    wall 68 days ago
  • L'Atelier TiramiSu
    At 6.80 a (small, rectangular) slice, I found the cafe a little on the pricey side. The good thing, though, is that there is no service charge. The cafe's offerings come in four different flavours besides the classic tiramisu -- matcha, dark cherry, lychee, and (oddly and daringly enough) pandan. The classic tiramisu would be my best recommendation for the purists as well as for those who hesitate to try out the cafe's bold...
    wall 73 days ago
  • kuchiki updated review for St. Marc Cafe.
    St. Marc Cafe
    Great cafe-like ambience and Japanese restaurant fare --- that's how I'd like to think of St. Marc. For those who are into cafes for the ambience but sick of the typical cafe fare (substandard, over-sweetened muffins, cold sandwiches, blends of tea or coffee slapped together in one crappy concoction), I do recommend giving St. Marc a try. There is a range of Japanese restaurant food you can order -- from curry rice to parfait...
    wall 74 days ago

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