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  • Mad for Garlic
    I am not a food gourmet. I can't tell the difference between Italian/French/Mexican cuisine. I can only tell you if it tastes good or it doesn't. And it did taste good. Though I am one who really likes garlic, seeing that I can eat garlic raw. I thought that their dishes would do better with more garlic, but that's probably just my opinion. I liked their sizzling rice, and with the capsicum and...
    wall 106 days ago
  • Aloha Resorts Loyang
    Honestly, the first time I came across Aloha Loyang was when I was looking for the shuttle bus to Aloha Changi--my friend and I walked all the way in from Pasir Ris MRT. It was a rather pleasant walk, that is, if you're not carrying too many things. I really liked the place, it was rather tranquil, a very different experience from its nearby counterpart (Costa Sands) which is way too noisy and cramped for...
    wall 106 days ago
  • Khairul Nizam voted as helpful a review, Beautiful WWII museum, written by mystii..
    Now, this is one museum with quality exhibits. Memories of Old Ford Factory is logically ordered and nicely structured, making it easy to follow. Being inside the building where a humiliating defeat in British military history admittedly adds to the flavour of the museum. You can even see the very room where General Percival signed the surrender document, though you can’t enter it. The museum is a small one, you can finish covering...
    wall 174 days ago

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