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spazzing over 2NE1 :D
- 2 years ago
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  • Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
    What I love is that Dataran Pahlawan is located just right beside the tourist attraction of St Paul's Church and A Famosa. After A Famosa in the sweltering hot heat, you can just pop over to the mall and refresh yourself with the air-con and some drinks. It is really big though - I got lost quite a few times and I found the map quite hard to read. The maps and shop directory...
    wall 41 days ago
  • Padini Authentics
    Initially, I thought Padini Authentics had really expensive clothes - but I was so wrong! I bought a decent blouse and jeggings for S$17 each - they are really comfy too! They do have more expensive brands too though. Be sure to look out for their sales, their clothes can be really worth it! I love that they have a wide range of apparel, fashion accessories and shoes as well. Their shoes are really cheap...
    wall 41 days ago
  • Reject Shop
    In my opinion, the clothes at the Reject Shop are really unfashionable and out of trend. On the first glance, you can tell that the clothes look really cheap and are not of good quality. I was hoping to be able to get some fabulous steals at the shop, but left feeling thoroughly disappointed. I also can't tell if the clothes are rejects from famous brands, or simply brand-less cheap clothes. Nevertheless, if you...
    wall 41 days ago

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