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spazzing over 2NE1 :D
- 2 years ago
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  • Jensen Chua voted as helpful a review, courteous locals, written by anthebellum.
    The one thing about the culture of Taiwan that left a lasting impression on me was the courtesy of the Taiwanese. Almost every single one of them were super polite as can be. Let's take the salespeople for example- we all have had the experience of having those sales persons who shadow us for every step we take, rearrange the items back to its original place after we touch them and give us the...
    wall 121 days ago
  • Chiso Zanmai
    I have to say that Chiso Zanmai was a MAJOR disappointment. :( I was really hyped up and excited about going to the restaurant because it seemed pretty good when I searched it online - it had a pretty good location too (Central, Clarke Quay), so I had assumed that it would be of quality. When I first stepped into the restaurant, it was super huge and had a magnificent view of the surroundings -...
    wall 240 days ago

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