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Eating is my favourite hobby. Exercising is my least favourite hobby. That is not a good combination.
Chinatown, East Coast
Favourite Hangout
Great World City, Orchard
Favourite Food
Korean BBQ
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Favourite Books
A random walk down wall street
What am I doing currently?
Running two online businesses and an Events Management company.

Trying to improve my photography and videography skill.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Running three successful businesses in three distinct industries. One would be a tech company that creates innovative apps. In the process of all this, I hope to remain healthy and happy with life.


College / University
University of Queensland
Bryan Choo

Bryan Choo

2014, here we go! :)
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  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-9-4-14-4-50-32-pm-Copy.jpgRecipes for Cheese Lovers   If you're like me and enjoy grocery shopping even though your pantry's already fully stocked, chances are you would have seen
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  • b2ap3_thumbnail_feedlotfront.jpgAbout Feedlot Steak Bar and Grill  
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  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Disgusting experience, written by Nicole Lee.
    This place is the most revolting place I've ever had the displeasure of stepping into. And here are 3 reasons why: 1) Pimple removal I had a stubborn removal on my eyelid (take note of this precarious position) and they convinced me I needed to laser it off. Apparently it was super obvious, aiyo girl why you never come sooner come come $50 cheap cheap lifetime guarantee, and they lasered it off. I...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Plain 'Ole Goodness, written by prancingtongues.
    I've heard all the rage about Plain Vanilla and how good their cupcakes are. As I was busy studying for my exams of late, a friend of mine brought me one of their cupcakes as a surprise. Cookies and cream, isn't that the classic love? I recommend keeping it refrigerated for a couple of hours or overnight, because it helps the icing to set again, so that it won't be a melting mess...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Scrumptious xiao long baos !, written by prancingtongues.
    Din Tai Fung is my number one choice when opting for Chinese cuisine, especially to satisfy those xiao long bao cravings! For tourists who don't know what xiao long baos are, they're basically buns made out of very thin dough, filled with meat and soup. Be careful when you take your first bite, the hot soup flows out of the skin very easily. Other than burning you tongue accidentally, the explosion of flavours is simply...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, All day all night Dim Sum , written by prancingtongues.
    It's definitely located out of the way, but a good place for gatherings and affordable dim sum. If you're looking for a midnight snack to grab with those buddies of yours, Swee Choon is a good pick. My first visit to Swee Choon was during a night cycling event during a sports camp organized by my school for freshmen. Swee Choon is famous for their custard buns (Liu Sha Baos), and I would...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, To-die-for waffles, written by awle.
    I went to lick a few weeks back after a recommendation from a friend who is pretty into this ice cream craze. It is not hard to imagine that claustrophobic was the word that came to mind when I entered the shop. Like other popular ice cream cafes, crowd is the norm during those late hours. Lucky for us, we managed to get the sofa seat that’s on the higher platform – the...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Hidden gem , written by awle.
    I just went to Rokeby for a light dinner and was really impressed by them. First and foremost, they have the best fish and chips that I have ever tasted for quite some time! The fish tasted really fresh, light and soft. And it isn’t as oily as some other restaurants or cafes that I have tried. The dish is also plated creatively and hence, yes, ideal for photo-taking! Their other dishes were...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Don’t ever try their squid ink pasta, written by awle.
    I went to ice-edge café twice. The first time was average as it didn’t leave any deep impression on me. But few days ago, I went there again during their dinner time and this time round I will definitely not forget the experience. I ordered their squid ink pasta, risking staining my whole mouth black just for the sake of having a first try on squid ink dishes. Well, for some experience,...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Worthy of a try, written by awle.
    I went to Lola’s café with my friend last week for their brunch menu. Surprisingly, it was crowded even though we went on a weekday and it was already past lunch hour. The plus side of Lola’s are their friendly staffs, affordable price and wide range of food selection. In addition, I can see that their dishes are the labor of much thought and creativity. Just looking at the menu made me excited...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Overcrowded, written by awle.
    After I came back from my exchange, my boyfriend was raving about this super nice ice cream café in Toa Payoh every other day. So on Saturday we went creamier for a dessert fix after our dinner. My first impression of the place was, “can Singapore get more crowded”? Seriously the crowd there was crazy. Their café is really small and customers were basically occupying public areas like the playground and space right in...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Kai Kai & Jia Jia, written by awle.
    I was actually quite excited before I went to River Safari because of all the previous hype and marketing efforts done. For instance, I was looking forward to seeing the Mekong catfish and taking the Amazon River ride. However, these were pretty disappointing. Pardon me as I’m not really a fan of sea water creatures, but the Mekong catfish looks just like any other catfishes there. As for the river ride, it was just a...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Not your typical ramen restaurant, written by awle.
    Tuesday was the first time I visited this place and I thought it was a rather different Japanese restaurant as compared to others. First, I’m a ramen lover but I find it hard to find ramen that tastes different from Ajisen, maybe because Ajisen-related ramen restaurants are all over Singapore. But Senjyu Sushi’s ramen has a really unique taste. I ordered their beef spicy ramen and me and my friend both agreed that their...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Missing those times, written by awle.
    During my exchange period, I have stayed in various apartments which I found through Airbnb. It was a really different experience for me and my exchange buddy, especially when we are so used to having our own private space/hotels. The best thing about Airbnb is that you get to stay with true locals in their real homes, thus allowing you to have a better understanding of the country’s culture. For instance, most of...
    wall 7 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, One of those things I miss in my era, written by awle.
    I was really shocked when I saw this listing because I just found one of these in my mum’s long-forgotten cabinet a few days ago. Like the others, it seriously brought back many fond memories of my childhood. I love to take the public transport when I was young (and definitely when it was less crowded) and I would always ask my mum to let me slot the farecard into the really cute...
    wall 7 days ago
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_7101.JPGExploring the Arts Scene in City Hall   There are three "arty" places just a 5 minute walk from City Hall MRT which I will just refer to as "City Hall Arts" from now on as they are all nicely ...
    easyblog 7 days ago
  • Welcome to TSL Mary Jane, hope you enjoy your stay here! :)
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