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Eating is my favourite hobby. Exercising is my least favourite hobby. That is not a good combination.
Chinatown, East Coast
Favourite Hangout
Great World City, Orchard
Favourite Food
Korean BBQ
Favourite Music
Favourite Books
A random walk down wall street
What am I doing currently?
Running two online businesses and an Events Management company.

Trying to improve my photography and videography skill.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Running three successful businesses in three distinct industries. One would be a tech company that creates innovative apps. In the process of all this, I hope to remain healthy and happy with life.


College / University
University of Queensland
Bryan Choo

Bryan Choo

2014, here we go! :)
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    Absolute aircorn specialises in all types of aircorn servicing, chemical wash and repair services. The fee for 1 fan coil starts at $40 NETT and 2-4 coils are priced at $35 NETT each. A troubleshooting fee of $50 is charged for all troubleshooting appointments.
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    b2ap3_thumbnail_psb-academy.pngI didn’t choose the business life, the business life chose me   
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    W39 hits all the right notes in terms of decor. Even the outlook of the cafe alone was bright and colourful, very inviting indeed. The interior has a very homely theme, decked out with vintage furnishings and trinkets. On display are also some familiar childhood candy and snacks which are for sale. I loved the atmosphere of nostalgia! I got myself a Pulled Pork Cheek Panini which was packed full of flavour. The pork...
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    Teo Heng KTV Karaoke Studio is well known in Singapore for having among the cheapest karaoke rates, as they charge by room size, instead of by head count like elsewhere. This, together with their no smoking and no alcohol policies, creates a safe, family friendly environment, making Teo Heng KTV Karaoke Studio stand out amongst karaoke studios in Singapore. The yellow, orange, and white coloured rooms of Teo Heng KTV Karaoke Studio are brightly...
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  • Cash Studio Karaoke is popular in Singapore for its range of Japanese songs, retro 70s ambience, and relatively affordable prices. However, Cash Studio Karaoke tends to lag behind other karaoke studios in Singapore in terms of audio technology and song selection screens. It also shows signs of aging, such as failing air-conditioning, and generally uncleanliness, such as customers smoking within the rooms. Furthermore, Cash Studio Karaoke is mostly located in dodgy, or out of the...
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    DSCF4731.jpgPet lovers unite!  
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    EOMM is a multi-label retail and lifestyle outfit based in Singapore. It aims be a retail platform for creative, original and innovative products sourced from all around the world, with a particular focus on Asia. More importantly, it hopes to educate, inspire and collaborate with different brands and people. Beyond simply a retail shop, EoMM will also encompass content and exhibition arms in the near future. Don't be confused by the name,...
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    Bacchanalia serves fusion good and alcohol along Coleman Street and they have a lovely classic ambience.
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