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Eating is my favourite hobby. Exercising is my least favourite hobby. That is not a good combination.
Chinatown, East Coast
Favourite Hangout
Great World City, Orchard
Favourite Food
Korean BBQ
Favourite Music
Favourite Books
A random walk down wall street
What am I doing currently?
Running two online businesses and an Events Management company.

Trying to improve my photography and videography skill.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Running three successful businesses in three distinct industries. One would be a tech company that creates innovative apps. In the process of all this, I hope to remain healthy and happy with life.


College / University
University of Queensland
Bryan Choo

Bryan Choo

2014, here we go! :)
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  • Bryan Choo added a photo for Flipit
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  • Bryan Choo added new listing Flipit in Online Shopping.
    Flipit is the largest coupon portal in Singapore. Their website allows you to get discounts on top of your discounts! All they do is give you codes to use. They work closely with online retailers in Singapore like Luxola, Zalora, Redmart and even Uber.
    wall 27 days ago
  • Anton Casey
    I would deny him any ratings at all if I could but the meter and submission criteria does not allow. I gave the lowest I could give. I guess we have to congratulate him for his successful endeavour in tarring the image of expats in Singapore, reinforcing misconceptions and fuelling greater dislike towards these foreign talents. Casey's insensitive and insulting remark no doubt ignited a great outcry amongst the majority of the Singaporeans...
    wall 27 days ago
  • Hawker centre drink stall aunties
    Depending on your luck, you'll either find yourself served by a relatively pleasant lady with a smile or you'll be suffering from a terrible customer service. Albeit, the drink stall auntie/uncle is an essential factor in the entire bustle of the coffeeshop atmosphere. I often think of them to have high potential to be the parade commanders for our National Day Parade. There's this drink stall uncle at the coffeeshop near my school...
    wall 27 days ago
  • The Straits Times
    I actually downloaded the mobile app for Straits Time for the very practical sake of filling up my information tank for my General Paper examinations. What I like about the mobile app is that it provide snippets and bite-sized information instantaneously - digestible news containing crucial information in rather digestible chunks. However, for those with phones having smaller screens, the relatively small fonts might be hard to see. To constantly be pressed with...
    wall 27 days ago
  • Bryan Choo reviewed Romeo Tan.
    Romeo Tan
    Who can resist that charming smile, wholesome abs and mesmerizing eyes right? Wow, now I sound like a teenage girl swooning over boys obviously out of their league. Romeo Tan is a perfect example of the poster boy most advertising companies selling perfumes, shirts or underwears would source for. I've watched some of the shows he has starred in, and as since he is relatively new to the industry, his acting skills are...
    wall 27 days ago
  • Huang Wen Yong
    I think the fact that almost the entire Singapore is so deeply saddened by the news of Huang Wen Yong's death speaks volumes about the sphere of influence he has in the media industry, and how well-loved he is by his fans and audience. Huang Wen Yong always appeared to me as an amiable figure, respectable senior and a fatherly presence in Mediacorp. I do not know him personally, but the character roles...
    wall 27 days ago
  • Chua En Lai
    While we admire the impersonation skills of his counterparts Alaric Tay and Michelle Chong, let us not forget about their best team-mate Chua En Lai. While he may not put up such perfect mimicry of real life characters, I think he is still comedic in his own unique ways. I think his face is already rather entertaining and hilarious! Ironically, while he is screened mostly on English variety shows that plays on Channel 5,...
    wall 27 days ago

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