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Eating is my favourite hobby. Exercising is my least favourite hobby. That is not a good combination.
Chinatown, East Coast
Favourite Hangout
Great World City, Orchard
Favourite Food
Korean BBQ
Favourite Music
Favourite Books
A random walk down wall street
What am I doing currently?
Running two online businesses and an Events Management company.

Trying to improve my photography and videography skill.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Running three successful businesses in three distinct industries. One would be a tech company that creates innovative apps. In the process of all this, I hope to remain healthy and happy with life.


College / University
University of Queensland
Bryan Choo

Bryan Choo

2014, here we go! :)
- 10 months ago
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  • TheSmartLocal Quick stats:   Over 600,000 unique visitors monthly (80% Singaporean), 60,000+ followers on our social media channels (FB/Instagram/Twitter) and some of our content is also  ...
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  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Boosts my happiness, written by Therese Grosse.
    I first tried Boost when it opened in ION. I still remember looking at all the choices I had, and deliberating for the longest time before choosing Banana Buzz. Consisting of bananas, milk, honey, and vanilla ice yoghurt, it is much a much healthier and yet equally tasty alternative to Starbucks... Or at least I like to tell myself this is true. Instead of ice cream, all their drinks use ice yoghurt or sorbet, so...
    wall 8 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Caution: extremely addictive, written by Therese Grosse.
    My love for this place began when my friend gave one to me and I tasted the chocolatey goodness. With that bite, I knew I had to track down this shop. When I found it, I was surprised to see they had a such a wide variety. I always thought brownies would just have one flavour, but they had sea salt caramel, chocolate mint, peanut butter. A flavour worth mentioning is the Chill....
    wall 8 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Hooked, written by Therese Grosse.
    The first time I came, I tried the waffle with salted caramel ice cream and horlick tim tam ice cream. Best. Decision. Ever. It has since been my staple every time I'm here. The chocolate stout and the earl grey are quite good as well, but salted caramel and horlicks are just the best combination to me. They balance each other out very nicely, and the waffle is sweet and soft, drizzled with copious amounts...
    wall 8 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, First but surely not the last time, written by Charmaine Kum.
    Not a major huge fan of ice-cream but I decided to give Marble Slab a try after being enticed by their $13.80 offer which includes three scoops of ice-cream and a waffle, and I am left without any regrets! Ordered these three flavours: thai milk tea, creme bulee as well as salted caramel (no one can ever resist salted caramel). The ice-cream was served to our table, although we had thought that it was supposed...
    wall 8 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Amazing meets Affordable, written by Charmaine Kum.
    Perfect score in all aspects! Found this little humble store tucked away at a corner right next to a HDB lift landing at Tanjong Pagar, and the ambience of the store totally blew me away. The small and cozy restaurant reeked of the strong Japanese culture with its flags and staff uniform. From the music playlist down to the utensils, everything just screamed "Japan!!!"and it was definitely an amazing experience. My friend...
    wall 8 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Off the scale, written by Charmaine Kum.
    After trying out various hotels in Singapore, Ritz Carlton had definitely left the deepest impression on me. Maybe its because of the extremely spacious room that managed to fit me and my five other friends without feeling even a tad squeezy, or maybe its because of the picturesque view of The Floating Platform from the room that took my breath away, or maybe its just because of the huge octagon window right next to the...
    wall 8 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, More outlets please!, written by Charmaine Kum.
    As a huge fan of salted egg yolk, I was thrilled to find out that Tom's Palette has salted egg yolk flavoured ice-cream and I just fell in love the minute I tried it. Tom's Palette generally serves exotic flavours, and their most popular has got to be Granny's Favourite, which I like as well. There are also other flavours such as Yuzu and also Salted Caramel Cheesecake, and I often find myself in a...
    wall 8 days ago
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  • Bryan Choo featured a blog post titled, 12 Singaporean Love Stories Th...
    b2ap3_thumbnail_joally.jpgSingapore Love Stories  
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  • Bryan Choo featured a blog post titled, 18 Singlish Slangs We Used To ...
    b2ap3_thumbnail_obiang.jpgSinglish words that should make a comeback   With the popularity of "new" words like swag, hashtag, and meh, many of us are struggling to keep up with the ...
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  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Ramen Burgerrr, written by Marie Chong.
    After reading an article about Little Hiro on this very site, I’ve been wanting to visit to try out their Ramen Burgers! The place is about a 10-minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT and its baby blue exterior and red signage is hard to miss. It even has a unique bear mascot, further adding on to the friendly vibe of this restaurant. The menu board above the cashier counter was quite...
    wall 19 days ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Be inspired, written by Joleneey.
    I used to go to Ikea purely for the food but now as the completion of the house ticks nearer, i find myself being more impressed with the ultimate purpose of Ikea - Home Furniture and decor. Ikea appeals to me mainly for its pocket-friendly prices and the creative showrooms ranging from small home layouts to bigger homes and different sections like the kitchenette, living rooms, bedrooms and the bathrooms! They revamp their...
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  • Intern Jobs  
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