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Visitor Traffic for March 2014



TheSmartLocal is a highly influential media property and Singapore's biggest travel and lifestyle portal. It is a one-stop hub that Singaporeans use for information. We specialise in creating viral content that gets people talking.

The picture above is our google analytic statistics for the month of March 2014. TheSmartLocal on average reaches over 400,000 - 600,000 unique visitors each month. In March 2014, we hit over 700,000.

80% of our traffic is from Singapore and 90% of our readers are between 18-44 with slightly more female readership (55%). 45% of our readers are regular returning readers.

You can request our Full Media Kit, and full insights and demographics by contacting us at 6637 9094 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For comparison, sites like TimeOut Singapore gets 220k unique visitors monthly and SPH sites like omy gets 350k unique visitors monthly.

Our readership numbers dwarf nearly every magazine in Singapore yet we charge a fraction of the price and create more memorable advertising. We take the best elements of blogging (personal/relatable) and journalism (professional, high quality) and apply these qualities to our writing. The unbelievable part? Unlike traditional media where the timeframe of your advertising is limited, these posts created by us last FOREVER on the internet.


Testimonials & Press


Some of our reviews have been highly influential - a recent positive review went viral and caused so much hype for the restaurant that every local newspaper covered the queues it was getting.

Our content is regularly shared by leading brands, companies and even Singapore ministers.b2ap3_thumbnail_K-shanmugam.pngb2ap3_thumbnail_TSL-retweets.pngSources:


How to Advertise with TheSmartLocal


Advertisers can reach our readers through both banner advertising and editorial coverage.


Visitor Traffic



Based on Alexa Singapore Rankings we have overtaken sites like, TheNewPaper, Zaobao and the Official STB Tourism Portal to become one of the most visited Singaporean portals.

We provide advertisers a targeted platform in the online space to reach responsive audiences through digital and social media, creating more exposure and driving more revenue to your business.

We have two main types of advertising, banners and editorial campaigns.


TheSmartLocal Banner Advertising


Our banner advertising positions are as follows. Most sizes are variable this is just a guideline:

  • Top Leaderboard 728x90 (Site wide, Above Fold)
  • Upper Right 1 - 300x250 Banner (Site wide, Above Fold)
  • Upper Right 2 - 300x250 Banner (Site wide, Above Fold)
  • Before Article Push 640 x 79 Banner (All articles - 80% of site, Above Fold)
  • Bottom Right 1 - 300x250 Banner (Site wide)
  • Bottom Right 2 -  90x728 Banner (Site wide)
  • Bottom Centre Footer -  728x90 Banner (Site wide)
  • Bottom of Listing Pages 468x60 Banner (Listing Directories Only)
  • After Article Push 640 x 79 Banner (All articles - 80% of site)

Our banner advertising is displayed throughout our site to over 400,000 - 600,000 visitors each month. Discount packages are available for multiple months, please contact us for our latest rates and a full media kit with visualizations of the banner positions.


TheSmartLocal Advertising Campaigns


This is the advertising option we highly recommend because it utilises the strength of our social media channels, bloggers and engaging media we produce. It captures the essence of advertising on new media perfectly and is best used in conjunction with banners.

We don't simply provide dry media buyouts. We create exciting media that make readers sit up, be impressed and remember your brand name, the hallmark of all good advertising. Its like hiring a creative agency without the associated high cost.

A front page feature, blogger hosted video, featured listing status and social medial coverage over 6 months all rolled into one highly discounted package.


Customised Advertising Campaigns



Video Marketing 


This is an optional add-on. Our video features typically receive over 20,000 views through beautifully created media, opening up the additional avenue of video marketing. 


Engaging Front Page Advertorials



Multiple Social Media Channel Reach


Our content is shared to over 40,000 of our followers on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and gplus.



Past Clients and Collaborations


Some of the past businesses we have worked with either through collaborations or advertorials include MNC companies, large businesses, agencies and home-grown local companies.



Discounted Advertising Packages


We package all the above into a heavily discounted campaign that can cover your online marketing needs for up to a year.


Past Media Invitations / Advertorials


Here are just a few examples of features we have done in the past.

Travel / Hotel:




Should you wish to receive our latest media kit, have a look at previous case studies or have any further questions, feel free to call our office at 6637 9094 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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TheSmartLocal is recruiting!


Do you enjoy reading TheSmartLocal? Do you take pride in creating original, positive content that helps others? Would you one day want to have hundreds of thousands of people reading your writing? TSL is currently recruiting writers with various experience levels. All aspiring applicants should have a true love for the written word and possess a flair for writing.

  • Casual Writers - No experience in media? Get some! Be part of our community and start contributing at your own leisureMore info here.
  • Interns - Pick up first-hand experience in the media industry during your holidays by interning full time at TSL. Personal mentorship and guidance will be given. More info here.
  • Full time Writer - The candidate for this sole position has to be something between a Ninja and Chuck Norris. Suitable for those in the early phase of their career or fresh graduates. If you don't get the reference you should not apply. More info here.
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