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Recent activities

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Peony-Jade-3.JPGAbout Peony Jade    How often do you find food outside of your home that doesn’t use a single drop of MSG? Peony Jade prides itself on dishing up healthy Cantonese-style food that caters ...
    easyblog 6 hours ago
  • Javan Myna
    It is an indisputable fact that these little black birds are the most ubiquitous ones around in Singapore. I might even find something a little amiss if they vanish from our streets. And I have absolutely nothing against birds (or any other animal species) but I do think that seeing these Javan Myna picking on leftover food stuff at hawker centres is really... somewhat unhygienic. Well, on the bright side, these Javan Myna birds...
    wall 7 hours ago
  • Dengue fever outbreaks
    It is never fun to be sick. But I think it is even worse to be down with Dengue fever. I'm lucky that I have never been a victim of the vicious Dengue mosquitos, and I hope it stays this way for as long as possible. Being located so close to the equator with such humidity and tropical climate, it is not surprising that we have mosquitos around. But having such...
    wall 7 hours ago