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Recent activities

  • Morton's The Steakhouse
    If I am asked to name one restaurant for good steaks in Singapore, the first one that comes to my mind would be Morton's. But it can be pretty pricey for the average meat lover without deep pockets. I have spent about $100-$200 per pax when I dined there and it is possible to spend beyond that amount too. Now hope is not lost for those who wish to try Morton's...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Bedrock Bar and Grill
    Before I was due to dine at Bedrock Bar and Grill, a friend told me to try the mac and cheese there. I was puzzled. Mac and cheese at a steak place? Thankfully, I listened to my friend. The mac and cheese at Bedrock Bar and Grill is absolutely divine. It is somewhat sweet and savoury at the same time. My friends and I polished off the entire dish. I am not...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • bunnyfeet reviewed Hatched .
    I absolutely adore the menu - it's so cute and cheery! The interior decor of the place was welcoming and cosy too. I excitedly ordered a set of eggs benedicts with glee, having heard much about this place. However, when the food arrived, my heart sank as I looked sadly at the measly portions. Undaunted, I put my taste buds to the test. The yellow, seemingly decadent Hollandaise sauce beckoned me...
    wall 1 hour ago