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  • Bryan Choo added a photo for @bsolute Aircon
    wall 10 hours ago
  • Bryan Choo added new listing @bsolute Aircon in Aircon Services.
    Absolute aircorn specialises in all types of aircorn servicing, chemical wash and repair services. The fee for 1 fan coil starts at $40 NETT and 2-4 coils are priced at $35 NETT each. A troubleshooting fee of $50 is charged for all troubleshooting appointments.
    wall 10 hours ago
  • Scott Lur updated review for Jurong Bird Park.
    Jurong Bird Park
    In 2012, when a friend got me to tag along for an interview as a show presenter at Jurong Bird Park, I thought little of it. In my head, the Bird Park seemed like a faded tourist attraction on its last legs. My next two years there turned my opinion on its head. The birds I worked with were more than just flying beasts. They had names, they had personalities, they were friends. I...
    wall 11 hours ago