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  • Sembawang Park
    Sembawang Park is really a park unto its own. Set in a tranquil, lush landscape in Northern Singapore, you literally feel like entering a portal into another world as you walked into it. Moreover, the panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding islands is indeed a sight to behold, something to rival Punggol point! The first thing I look for in a park would be the running trail and...
    wall 4 hours ago
  • Olivia Ong
    I made mt first acquaintance with Olivia Ong through hearing one of her National Day songs: Love at First Light in 2012! My first impression was one of a sweet and angelic voice, albeit one sang full of meaning and her love for her homeland. It is extraordinary that Singapore, being commonly dubbed as a culture which prizes academic results above all else and hence stifling the arts and culture in...
    wall 5 hours ago
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-9-4-14-4-50-32-pm-Copy.jpgRecipes for Cheese Lovers   If you're like me and enjoy grocery shopping even though your pantry's already fully stocked, chances are you would have seen
    easyblog 7 hours ago