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Recent activities

  • Swee Choon Dim Sum
    Three things to take note of when going to Swee Choon: 1. Be prepared to walk a lot, my friends and I have tried walking from Bugis, Farrer Park and Little India and it is quite a distance from all directions. 2. Go with at least 3 other people, with similar tastes in food to you if possible. 3. Get there early or be prepared to queue! Good thing is that their turnover rate...
    wall 32 minutes ago
  • Boost Juice Bars
    I first tried Boost when it opened in ION. I still remember looking at all the choices I had, and deliberating for the longest time before choosing Banana Buzz. Consisting of bananas, milk, honey, and vanilla ice yoghurt, it is much a much healthier and yet equally tasty alternative to Starbucks... Or at least I like to tell myself this is true. Instead of ice cream, all their drinks use ice yoghurt or sorbet, so...
    wall 46 minutes ago
  • Bryan Choo featured a blog post titled, 18 Singlish Slangs We Used To ...
    b2ap3_thumbnail_obiang.jpgSinglish words that should make a comeback   With the popularity of "new" words like swag, hashtag, and meh, many of us are struggling to keep up with the ...
    easyblog 10 hours ago