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Recent activities

  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Boosts my happiness, written by Therese Grosse.
    I first tried Boost when it opened in ION. I still remember looking at all the choices I had, and deliberating for the longest time before choosing Banana Buzz. Consisting of bananas, milk, honey, and vanilla ice yoghurt, it is much a much healthier and yet equally tasty alternative to Starbucks... Or at least I like to tell myself this is true. Instead of ice cream, all their drinks use ice yoghurt or sorbet, so...
    wall 2 hours ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Caution: extremely addictive, written by Therese Grosse.
    My love for this place began when my friend gave one to me and I tasted the chocolatey goodness. With that bite, I knew I had to track down this shop. When I found it, I was surprised to see they had a such a wide variety. I always thought brownies would just have one flavour, but they had sea salt caramel, chocolate mint, peanut butter. A flavour worth mentioning is the Chill....
    wall 2 hours ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Hooked, written by Therese Grosse.
    The first time I came, I tried the waffle with salted caramel ice cream and horlick tim tam ice cream. Best. Decision. Ever. It has since been my staple every time I'm here. The chocolate stout and the earl grey are quite good as well, but salted caramel and horlicks are just the best combination to me. They balance each other out very nicely, and the waffle is sweet and soft, drizzled with copious amounts...
    wall 2 hours ago