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  • Rui Ling Teo reviewed Poulet.
    I've always associated French cuisine with the fancy but odd (it's the escargots, I tell you), but my virgin attempt at trying out French food turned out to be quite a pleasant experience under the homage of Poulet. Given that it was our first time trying out French cuisine, much less Poulet, my mother and I turned to the service staff for recommendations, and we were prompted to try out their signature Roti chicken....
    wall 12 hours ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 1 day ago
  • Festive Hotel
    Perhaps my amazing experience with Hard Rock Hotel has ruined all other hotels in Singapore for me, but I had the highest of hopes for my stay with Festive Hotel to be an amazing one - I mean, it is an RWS hotel after all. Sadly, these very hopes fell flat the moment I stepped into Festive Hotel. While the hotel is indeed full of colours and fanciful decorations, it failed to leave...
    wall 1 day ago