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Recent activities

  • Hevina Kaur reviewed Maki-San.
    Maki San is totally affordable and eye catching. I'm a total sucker for customizable food and at Maki San your sushi and salad is totally customizable. The prices are kept pretty low too so I understand why its a hot spot for a lot of students. The menu has a wide array of options too so that you can rest assured that every time you go to Maki San you'll be able to try...
    wall 2 hours ago
  • Parkway Parade
    Parkway is super near my house and just down the road from my old school so obviously I frequent it a lot. Its a great place to find everything. All the food is on the lower floors and there's a huge variety of food options available ranging from a Japanese market to a froyo shop. Upstairs you have your usual retail shops like Marks and Spencer and Cotton On and then you have a...
    wall 2 hours ago
  • Toby's - The Dessert Asylum
    I've always known Toby's to be a great place for desserts because I've been there before just for dessert and on top of that the place is called The Dessert Asylum so I drew some obvious conclusions. I went in to try the mains and I was quite blown away by how good all the mains taste. The pizza was so good and the cheese was the kind that you have to pull to...
    wall 2 hours ago