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  • Bryan Choo featured a blog post titled, 10 Types Of Students Who Choos...
    b2ap3_thumbnail_psb-academy.pngI didn’t choose the business life, the business life chose me   
    easyblog 9 hours ago
  • Bryan Choo voted as helpful a review, Cosy Vibes with Nostalgic Decor and Great Food, written by RenaeCJC.
    W39 hits all the right notes in terms of decor. Even the outlook of the cafe alone was bright and colourful, very inviting indeed. The interior has a very homely theme, decked out with vintage furnishings and trinkets. On display are also some familiar childhood candy and snacks which are for sale. I loved the atmosphere of nostalgia! I got myself a Pulled Pork Cheek Panini which was packed full of flavour. The pork...
    wall 2 days ago