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Recent activities

  • Sushi Express
    Sushi Express markets itself as a fast sushi chain, with each plate going for only $1.50. While this concept may appear desirable when compared to the other numerous Japanese restaurants in Singapore with significantly higher price ranges, the reality is that what Sushi Express has to offer in affordability, it direly lacks in variety. Given that there was a time limit given to each group of customers, the conveyor belt was uncomfortably scarce....
    wall 3 hours ago
  • Rui Ling Teo reviewed Poulet.
    I've always associated French cuisine with the fancy but odd (it's the escargots, I tell you), but my virgin attempt at trying out French food turned out to be quite a pleasant experience under the homage of Poulet. Given that it was our first time trying out French cuisine, much less Poulet, my mother and I turned to the service staff for recommendations, and we were prompted to try out their signature Roti chicken....
    wall 17 hours ago