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Recent activities

  • Fussy Cat added a photo for Swissbake
    wall 11 hours ago
  • Fussy Cat reviewed Swissbake.
    This is definitely the place to buy traditional cakes & pies for Christmas. Last year, I tasted a piece of pecan pie, loved it so much and ended up buying a box as a gift. From time to time, I will also buy some bread when I walked pass the bakery. The mini English mince pie on display is especially delicious. A few days ago, someone just treated me to tea. Since there's a...
    wall 11 hours ago
  • Fussy Cat voted as helpful a review, Yummy cakes and sweet breads, written by kuchiki.
    Not exactly the place I'll go to if I have a craving for sweets, but I must say that SwissBake serves really good bread and cakes. Each time I spot a SwissBake outlet, I never fail to walk past it without first going in to have a good look at their various cakes and breads. If you pay attention, you'd notice that nearly all their breads *gleam*, and that makes them all the more appealing....
    wall 12 hours ago