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Recent activities

  • EQ.T reviewed Kose.
    My mom buys this from Japan all the time! I have the entire range of products at home - with the lotion, emulsion and moisturizer, the works. The smell is really faint, and quite unnoticeable after a while. Although it does leave a pretty nice feeling, leaving your face feel bare and not oily or anything, it doesn't do much for my skin. I suppose a plus point would be that it didn't break...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • EQ.T reviewed Bio-essence.
    Some back-story first - I was in PE class and we had to run this horribly long distance under the 3 p.m. sun. My friend took a look at me afterwards and said, "you're no longer Snow White." Being vainly and perhaps unjustifiable protective of my relatively fair skin, I immediately rushed out to purchase new skincare products, including the Bio-Essence Bird's Nest whitening sleep mask, which was a huge bust. No discernible...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Too Faced Cosmetics
    I do love the wordplay in the name. Anything a little clever or funny immediately draws my attention, really. Being not exactly a makeup addict, and by that I mean never having applied makeup in my life before trying Too Faced, it was surprisingly easy to do (why haven't I tried it earlier?) The product I sampled in Sephora was their eyeshadow palette, which I have heard rave reviews about from my friends....
    wall 1 hour ago