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Recent activities

  • The Noose
    I absolutely love The Noose! From start to finish, I'd be sitting there with a silly grin on my face. I love how they manage to inject fun and humour into Singaporean happenings and recent news without being offensive. My favourite characters are the ones played by Michelle Chong such as Barberella, Nida Goodwood, Leticia and Nancy Goh. Her impersonations of the stereotypical characters are extremely on point and entertaining! Never fails to...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Sunshine Plaza
    Sunshine Plaza is located close to arts-specialized schools like Nafa as well as Lasalle. If you’re looking for trendy clothes and shoes and other personal goods found at typical shopping centres, you won’t really find them here. Printing shops line the outside while small eateries occupy most of the inside. Of course, there are the odd shops selling dresses and jewellery but they are relatively uncommon. Usually, design students frequent this place to print...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Marie Chong added a photo for Sunshine Plaza
    wall 1 hour ago