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Recent activities

  • Zhiying Liu updated review for S.E.A Aquarium.
    S.E.A Aquarium
    When I first heard about S.E.A. Aquarium, it seemed like the cooler, improved version of Sentosa's Underwater World which had left me some fond childhood memories. However, I have to say that I was pretty disappointed after going to S.E.A. Aquarium. I had expected it to be better and different from Underwater World since it's newer, but nothing really stood out to me throughout the visit. That being said, the Aquarium's The Ocean Restaurant...
    wall 5 hours ago
  • Zhiying Liu updated review for Changi Airport.
    Changi Airport
    Literally the first place that welcomes me home everytime I return to Singapore, it's hard not to feel a great sense of belonging whenever I step on Changi Airport's carpeted floor. The familiar accent and awesome thumbprint scanning system never fail to make me feel proud holding a Singapore passport. You would think most airports and duty-free shops around the world should pretty much be the same. However, my travelling experiences has made...
    wall 6 hours ago
  • Ice Cream Uncle
    "The ice-cream with bread...?" I had thought this was only recognized and well-liked by Singaporeans who grew up eating these ice-cream sandwiches, so I was genuinely surprised when foreigners I met overseas mentioned it to me as a Singapore specialty they have heard of and would love to try it someday. These ice-cream stalls may pale in comparison to pretty cafes, and their limited, never-changing flavors may seem more boring than to that...
    wall 6 hours ago