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  • Ice Cream Chefs
    I once visited this quaint little store along East Coast Road and was blown away with what they had to offer - at the price they offered it. It was quite easily the best ice cream I had at the best price - never had I been so happy to part with my money for ice-cream. Most of us should be familiar with Cold Stone Creamery where we can either choose from their pre-mixed...
    wall 22 minutes ago
  • yohanesng reviewed Toast Box.
    Toast Box
    I don't consider myself a coffee aficionado or a caffeine addict, so it's funny that one of the main reasons I visit Toast Box is to drink their hot caffeinated beverages - either their Kopi or Yuan Yuang (mix of coffee and tea). In this aspect, I find their hot beverages to be more fragrant than the average coffeeshop coffee you get for 90 cent, a kind of higher 'tiered' local coffee if such...
    wall 34 minutes ago