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Recent activities

  • The Soup Spoon
    The Soup Spoon brings to mind warm, satisfying meals in the company of close friends, in a cosy environment. I like how thought was put into the interior of their outlets to provide a place for customers to loosen their muscles over warm, wholesome soup. I haven’t tried a whole lot of their different soup flavours but know that you can never go wrong with a bowl of their Velvety Mushroom. The soup...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Cold Storage
    Cold Storage, in my opinion, is one of the most ‘atas’ of all the neighborhood supermarkets. Compared to Fairprice and Giant, prices here seem to be slightly higher. You can also find more premium brands as well as organic food, which is not easy to find in other supermarkets. I also find the aisles in Cold Storage to be less cramped than those at Fairprice and Giant and hence, prefer to shop here for...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Yamakawa Super
    If you love all things Japanese, this place might be your kind of heaven. Yamakawa Super stocks mainly foodstuffs imported from Japan. You can expect to find things like Pocky, packet ramen and udon, sake, ramune and many more! I personally love coming here. Even when I’m broke, I get comforted just by holding a box of cute Hello Kitty biscuits and mentally listing all the things I would get on my next visit....
    wall 1 hour ago