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  • alanyuen reviewed Sushi Kou.
    Sushi Kou
    Sushi Kou exudes authenticity. The menu is much more streamlined than most restaurants, but what they do serve is so extremely good/fresh. All or most of its ingredients are shipped directly from Japan: the sushi comes from Tsukiji market, all the way down to the vegetable tempura from Kyoto. This isn't just some marketing gimmick with proclamations of "FRESHEST FISH HERE" and "100% IMPORTED FROM JAPAN" ostentatiously stamped on the menu - we...
    wall 3 hours ago
  • Factorie
    Don't be fooled by the title! I wasn't ripped off at all. In fact, I bought a really pretty pair of ripped denim shorts and they fit me really well! I wouldn't say that $34.90 is a good price to pay for a pair of shorts. To be honest, if I had a choice, I would have paid around $20. Nevertheless, the shorts are made of a very comfortable material, it is smooth...
    wall 7 hours ago
  • Graffiti Cafe
    Oh, this place is just glorious. For an artist like me, hearing the words "you can draw anywhere in this cafe" just makes my day. Arm me with a pen and I will go on a drawing spree on your tables - and you can trust me on that. The first time I visited the cafe, I was surprised to find out that I could actually free my mind and write all that I...
    wall 18 hours ago