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Recent activities

  • Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
    I got to Yoshimaru at about 6pm and failed to get outdoor seating even though the place was still bare and the dinner crowded hasn't streamed in yet. So that was perplexing but anyway I was excited and eager to try out the ramen. By now I'm a lazy ramen eater and I usually just go for the store's 'classic' dish but I'm also a sucker for anything garlic. Despite saying all of...
    wall 45 minutes ago
  • Burger Barn
    For a place called Burger Barn, you'd expect that I order a burger. But the Philly Cheesesteak ($15) sounded too good to be passed up. Think "finely sliced, prime cut beef, griddle-cooked with mushrooms, capsicum & onions, topped with gooey Provolone cheese". Yup, you get the drift. It tasted as good as it sounded. The bun was lightly toasted and packed with beef slices. For someone who considers herself a big eater,...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Jamie's Italian Singapore
    For a place eponymous with one of the culinary world's most revered and well-liked chefs, Jamie's Italian had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, aside from its rustic charm and cosy decor, nothing much else impressed me. I ordered the Truffle Tagliatelle ($15) with black truffles, butter, parmesan and nutmeg. I'll be completely honest that the small serving isn't enough and the big serving is overpriced. My pasta was fist-sized, with a...
    wall 1 hour ago