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  • The Daily Scoop
    I have not been to the actually location of The Daily Scoops but I've tried the ice cream. My friend bought a tub of Nutty Macadamia. The packaging looks plain and average but wait till you discover the magic inside. Nutty Macadamia consist of Macadamia ice cream with lotsa roasted macadamia nuts. When I first had it, I was surprised by how light it was, because I was expecting the usual heavy cream taste....
    wall 1 hour ago
  • The Soup Spoon
    The Soup Spoon brings to mind warm, satisfying meals in the company of close friends, in a cosy environment. I like how thought was put into the interior of their outlets to provide a place for customers to loosen their muscles over warm, wholesome soup. I haven’t tried a whole lot of their different soup flavours but know that you can never go wrong with a bowl of their Velvety Mushroom. The soup...
    wall 3 hours ago