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Recent activities

  • PolarBear reviewed MAMEE.
    I prefer the noodles of Mamee compared to Maggi and it is more springy. As for the flavours, generally i prefer Maggi but I think Mamee curry tastes better as it has more depth in it. Both Maggi Tomyam and Mamee tomyam taste artificial and do not taste like tom yam but I quite like them. The cheap Mamee Monsters was my absolute favourite snacks when i was a kid. I remember that...
    wall 20 hours ago
  • Dermalogica
    I think the face mapping thingy was not unique as pretty much every salon or skincare professionals would do so. Dermalogica products smell good to me and I also enjoy having facials using their products. While Dermalogica products do not seem to improve my skin in any way except for hydration, I think it is good enough as there are no magic skincare products. They are gentle enough to be used for sensitive...
    wall 20 hours ago
  • PolarBear reviewed Melvita.
    This company sells organic products and I assume they the products are made from higher quality than that of tns skinlab because many tns Skinlab products are not fully organic as they like to claim. I am interested in organic products as I have allergies to certain chemicals commonly used in hair shampoo such as silicones, sulfates and some forms of coconut derivatives. If I use shampoos containing those ingredients, my scalp would...
    wall 20 hours ago