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  • jessicalin92 voted as helpful a review, Awesome toast!, written by Chris Soh.
    Strangely for a coffee joint, the coffee here isn't really that great. What's great, however, is the amazing toast that they serve. Chances are, if your friends have instagrammed some thick toasts recently, they were just at Toms. The toast at Toms tastes just as good as it looks, if not even better, a pleasant surprise in an era when the prettiness of food often takes precedence over its tastiness. This is a...
    wall 2 hours ago
  • Sainte Chapelle Clinic
    Experienced the most horrible service I ever had in my life. The doc told me one thing on the phone and a totally different thing when I was there, so not credible! Feel so cheated , it is just ridiculous and frustrating! I was looking for a place for botox and started searching for such a provider. I did botox 2 months back and wanted to do some touch up for it (as my...
    wall 16 hours ago