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  • Awfully Chocolate
    My absolute favourite cake from Awfully Chocolate would hands-down be their chocolate banana one. There is nothing that can beat this combination, unless you add in a little caramel and bam, perfect. I like how the chocolate at Awfully Chocolate is so rich and absolutely delicious. I'm pretty impressed with their service too, the girls there are always so bubbly and greet you all the time. I've not had their ice cream but...
    wall 2 hours ago
  • Awfully Chocolate
    It's impossible to not love Awfully Chocolate if you're a big big fan of chocolate! I am. But... other than their amazing cakes, have you tried their ice cream? People usually buy their cakes. I love their super stacked chocolate cake, I personally feel that's the best out of all that they sell, even better than a whole cake by itself. I like that the chocolate layers are stacked very closely and thinly. It...
    wall 4 hours ago
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_cc53cf301c2ae246f8797ef1aee6b80d9b756c89e5ab7ee99b598935ed7e121f.jpgWhat makes us Malaysian?   Ever wondered what makes us Malaysians stand out from the rest of the world? What makes us so unique? Maybe because we have s ...
    easyblog 16 hours ago