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Recent activities

  • Tom's Palette
    As a huge fan of salted egg yolk, I was thrilled to find out that Tom's Palette has salted egg yolk flavoured ice-cream and I just fell in love the minute I tried it. Tom's Palette generally serves exotic flavours, and their most popular has got to be Granny's Favourite, which I like as well. There are also other flavours such as Yuzu and also Salted Caramel Cheesecake, and I often find myself in a...
    wall 2 hours ago
  • PARK Cafe
    Especially enjoyed the truffle fries that was served at PARK Cafe. They have seats outdoors as well as indoors, but if you're in a large group chances are you'll be told to take the long table outside. The presentation of the food served made me whip out my phone and start snapping away! Additional points for decoration. My friends ordered baked mac and cheese, while I ordered a creamy prawn pasta, which I...
    wall 2 hours ago