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Recent activities

  • Chris Soh updated review for Craft Bakery and Co.
    Craft Bakery and Co
    Stumbled upon this cafe in the middle of Holland Village just last night after dinner, and my friends and I certainly didn't regret spending our calories here! The 3 of us shared 2 molten lava cakes and a sea salt cheesecake, and despite how rich the lava cakes were, it astonished us that it did not detract from the tastiness of the sea salt cheesecake! It's a true testament to how well-made the cake was....
    wall 18 minutes ago
  • Chris Soh updated review for Atom Comics.
    Being a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, I have always been fascinated by the comic geek subculture. It always seemed such an American thing, where camaraderie is found among comic fans. Thankfully, in Atom Comics, we can now find one such enclave in Singapore. Atom Comics is run by a man (Bruce Doral-Boudville) who really loves comics, and it really tells when you speak with him. The enthusiasm simply pours through...
    wall 19 minutes ago
  • Chris Soh updated review for Color Run.
    Color Run
    The Color Run is widely advertised as the "Happiest 5K on the planet" and it truly was an incredibly fun experience for me and all the friends I went with. I went for the inaugural event in 2013, and it left me wanting more. To call it a 5 kilometer run, however, is a little bit of a misnomer, considering a large population of "runners" (myself included) were walking and, at certain points, waiting for...
    wall 23 minutes ago