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Recent activities

  • Jewel Cafe
    I've been to this cafe twice so far, once for a birthday lunch and another because there were still so many different items on the menu that I wanted to try. For starters, we ordered the Shio-Koji Octopoke. It is served with avocado and seasoned with wasabi. We couldn't stop exclaiming in delight while eating it because it was so refreshing and it tasted really clean and simple. For main courses, the first...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 1 hour ago
  • Therese Grosse updated review for Drury Lane.
    Drury Lane
    Headed to Drury Lane for brunch with my friend on Saturday at noon, and it was only a short walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. The signage is rather nondescript so we missed it at first, but once we went in, the interior of the cafe made up for it. One of the walls is decorated with the packaging of various coffee beans, lending a quirky touch to the place. There is also a mouth-watering...
    wall 2 hours ago