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  • Carousell
    This is a very useful app, I must say. I have had many fuss free and enjoyable dealings, and I like the fact that you can actually arrange meetups and pay in cash instead of, say, using a credit card or something (because I don't have one). There are some very cheap and good deals here, and I've bought mostly CDs and such for as low as 2 dollars each. Wow! Also, since there...
    wall 1 day ago
    This movie is one of the very very few local movies that I've watched. And I must say that I actually liked it. It is so touching how the maid in the movie actually tugged at my heartstrings when I see how the woman and her son both mistreat her. So emotional! However I must say the story has quite a few loopholes and is a little confusing. Also, the ending is kind of...
    wall 1 day ago