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  • Islamic Restaurant
    I'm Indian, and I'm going to be completely honest, this is probably the best biryani I've ever eaten. Whilst most restaurants that sell biryani add gaudy coloured powders to make their food look appetising, Islamic Restaurant's biryani seemed to have a natural-looking colour. The rice also has a wonderful fragrance that is almost as delicious as the smell itself. The chicken they used in their dishes is fresh, and they are generous with...
    wall 4 hours ago
  • Amanda Er updated review for Haji Lane.
    Haji Lane
    During the day, Haji Lane is usually a little quiet. Once in awhile, the lane will be filled with booths where there will be random set ups such as taro card reading, organic food, palm reading etc. Some of the fashion stores have indie and unique pieces that cannot be found in conventional shops. The walls of Haji Lane are filled with instagram worthy graffiti, you won't want to miss that out, so do remember...
    wall 16 hours ago