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  • Oh, poop. Think my wisdom teeth are growing out again. :/
    profile 4 hours ago
  • Famous Amos
    How do their cookies smell sooooo goooood? I find it extremely difficult to stop myself from buying a bag of cookies whenever I walk past one of their outlets. The distinct aroma of their cookies is sure to tempt ANYBODY, whether they eventually give in or not. My favourite cookie flavour is the White Chocolate Chip. Even as I'm typing this, I can see the cookies vividly in my mind and my craving...
    wall 4 hours ago
  • clicknetwork
    Clicknetwork's videos are not only funny, they also impart knowledge (useful or not) to its viewers. Some of my favourite clicknetwork shows are Xiaxue's Guide to Life, Tried and Tested, The F Word, Budget Barbie and a couple more! I like how the hosts of these shows are honest and not afraid to look a little silly infront of the camera. I am currently subscribed to their youtube channel so whenever I...
    wall 4 hours ago