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  • walkingparadoxx updated review for TWG Tea.
    TWG Tea
    The service is wonderful, the utensils are exquisite and the ambiance is lovely and sophisticated, but those are the only positive things I can say about TWG. If given a choice, I would have spent my $40 on much more useful things. Despite there being literally hundreds of different teas to choose from, the ones I tasted did not stand out from teas I've sampled before-at a much cheaper price. The eggs benedict...
    wall 1 day ago
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2708.jpgAmazing Bali   Before I visited Bali, I thought that all there was to do in Bali was go to the beach, and I'd ignorantly think to myself, "Whatever, I can just go to Sentosa." And to past me, ...
    easyblog 2 days ago