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Recent activities

  • A little girl called me her "hero" today because I saved her the torture from getting eyedrops. And well, you can say for the rest of the day, I do felt like my labcoat was my superhero cape. Haha.
    profile 9 hours ago
  • Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day
    Ever had this feeling of ecstasy when you taste Ben & Jerry's ice cream? This creamy, soothing ice-cream bursting with flavour is anyone's idea of a luxury, especially important in times of indulgence and when celebrations involve ice-cream. Hence, you might think that with the ongoing popularity, Ben and Jerry would not need to further publicise themselves as a brand. The main purpose of the Free Cone Day, however, was...
    wall 9 hours ago
  • Chingay Parade
    Having served as a grassroots leader for 2 years, I had the privilege of being able to see for myself first-hand the organisation of the parade. The parade itself comprises of performances of cultural significance, giving the example of frequently worshipped deities and their helpers. Moreover, being multi-cultural, all the significant symbols and traditions of the various races and religion goes on display. Loads of work go into preparing for...
    wall 10 hours ago