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Recent activities

  • Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
    I love going to Canopy because it's so different from the other retaurants. It's right smack in the middle of Bishan Park, so people can enjoy strolls before and after their meals. Also, people can bring their dogs to the place, which makes it a haven for dog lovers. Canopy's food is considered pretty decent. I noticed that most people ordered the Egg Benedict, which seems really mouthwatering. I really like the Banana...
    wall 1 hour ago
  • Hevina Kaur reviewed Maki-San.
    Maki San is totally affordable and eye catching. I'm a total sucker for customizable food and at Maki San your sushi and salad is totally customizable. The prices are kept pretty low too so I understand why its a hot spot for a lot of students. The menu has a wide array of options too so that you can rest assured that every time you go to Maki San you'll be able to try...
    wall 6 hours ago
  • Parkway Parade
    Parkway is super near my house and just down the road from my old school so obviously I frequent it a lot. Its a great place to find everything. All the food is on the lower floors and there's a huge variety of food options available ranging from a Japanese market to a froyo shop. Upstairs you have your usual retail shops like Marks and Spencer and Cotton On and then you have a...
    wall 6 hours ago