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Recent activities

  • Graffiti Cafe
    Oh, this place is just glorious. For an artist like me, hearing the words "you can draw anywhere in this cafe" just makes my day. Arm me with a pen and I will go on a drawing spree on your tables - and you can trust me on that. The first time I visited the cafe, I was surprised to find out that I could actually free my mind and write all that I...
    wall 13 hours ago
  • Cath Kidston
    Well, it seems like the trend winds came and passed on this brand. For a period of time, it seemed that everyone was going all Cath Kidston on me. Be it school bags or pencil cases or sling bags, everyone seemed to want to be part of the floral craze. Yes, the floral pattern of Cath Kidston seemed to have hit the streets - there were even fake rip offs all around. Don't get...
    wall 13 hours ago
  • Megan Foo reviewed RamenPlay.
    I don't know if its just me or is the ramen here really bouncy as if they've been played with in the kitchen. Despite the catchy name of the shop - obviously promoting its Ramen - I find that the taste of the noodles can hardly compare to the hype surrounding this shop. Sure, the restaurant always seems to be brightly lit in a pristine condition. However, upon tasting the noodles I felt that...
    wall 13 hours ago