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About Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton   Famous for its mouthwatering buffet spreads, the Greenhouse at Ritz-Carlton is nothing short of luxurious - a given for anything under the Ritz-Carlton brand name. With an elegant high ceiling and a magical skylight complemented by warm brown and gold colours, this place is...
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About The Royal Mail   The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar's décor takes after a modern British concept, thanks to the restoration of the Ascott Raffles Place, where the restaurant is housed. Besides the building’s facade, a historical touch is preserved in the vintage mail chute that stands to this day. Updating the...
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About The Prawn Star   The Prawn Star is a new restaurant at Duxton Hill, opened on 21st November 2014. It sits among the other trendy eateries, watering holes, and concept stores that populate Duxton Hill. Setting foot in the store, your first thought would be that Prawn Star has an...
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About Jiang Nan Chun's Food in Literature Series   Jiang Nan Chun Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel has a Food in Literature series where Chinese classic tales are reinterpreted as different dishes, with servers regaling you with tales as the food is served. This December, the theme for the Food in...
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About Street 50 Restaurant & Bar   There aren't many kitchens in Singapore that boast flavours ranging from from Italian, French and American, to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean. One such kitchen is at Street 50 Restaurant and Bar, located in Bay Hotel just outside of Sentosa.  With its hotpot buffet proving a hit...
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About Chotto Matte   Opened in October 2014, the restaurant’s name means “wait a moment” in Japanese, and was so named because its owners feel good food is worth waiting for. The restaurant’s specialties are yakitori, sushi and sashimi, but they also offer selected pastas and other dishes. Located 2 minutes...
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About boCHINche   boCHINche is an Argentine gourmet restaurant cum grocer, located at a corner of Martin Road near River Valley. The restaurant went through a makeover in September and has since reopened with a revamped space and a spanking new menu. With Argentine cuisine being uncommon in Singapore, I geared...
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Celebrate Christmas with Carlton Hotel   Christmas is a time of celebration, a season of giving. We spend more time on our families and friends during this time of the year more than any other, scouting for the perfect gifts, checking for the best prices, then going down and beating the...
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About Regent Singapore’s Summer Palace    Tucked away on the third level of Regent Singapore is Summer Palace, a restaurant that serves up traditional Cantonese cuisine. Summer Palace is helmed by native Hong Kong chefs, so I came with high hopes, expecting that quality Cantonese food is served here.  Their latest...
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About Carnivore - Brazilian Churrascaria   If you’ve wondering what Churrascaria is, it basically means barbecue in Portuguese, which is the national language of Brazil. At a restaurant with a name like ‘Carnivore - Brazilian Churrascaria’, you know you’re going in for a treat if you love meat. Specialising in Brazilian...
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