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SHINE Festival: Build Your World    Singapore’s biggest youth festival is back! Since its inception in 2005, the National Youth Council (NYC) has dedicated the month of July to the SHINE Festival. SHINE Festival showcases youths' talents, promotes talent development and highlights inspiring youth role-models.  This year, other than promoting local...
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Understanding Our Muslim Friends A Little Better   In the past few weeks, you've seen us make a fool of ourselves in Singaporeans Try. But in this episode, we take the humour down a notch and tried fasting for a day. All of us were so excited the day before... Unless you've...
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Whisper? More Like Screaming!   Have you ever tried to speak to someone while your headphones are blasting really loud music? If your answer is yes, then you would probably have been told that you were shouting out your sentences. This is the premise of The Whisper Challenge: to win, we...
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Home away from home   We always miss the food back home whenever we travel overseas. Yet local cuisine abroad has a reputation for being costly and substandard. While in Auckland, my cravings for hawker fare led me to the worst chicken rice ever. It cost me $15 - and I...
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Things To Do In Bali   Before I visited Bali, I thought that all there was to do in Bali was go to the beach, and I'd ignorantly think to myself, "Whatever, I can just go to Sentosa." And to past me, I say, "You have no idea what you're talking...
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Escape the crowds!   With locations like Krabi and Boracay increasingly drawing in the tourist dollars, it’s hard to find a secluded location for a vacation nowadays. Most popular destinations are overcrowded with people, and nobody wants to jostle for space on a crowded beach - there are far better things...
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Favourite Travel Buys From Europe   In the latest episode of PrettySmart, Christabel shares her favourite buys from her travels in Europe with STA Travel Singapore!From a fruit-infused water bottle to chocolates and a canteen, find out what wacky buys she hand-carried all the way home from the different European cities.Watch...
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It's the Second Half of the Year!    Welcome to the second half of the year! If you haven’t done anything productive yet, don’t worry - there are 6 months left in 2015. Besides taking the time to kickstart your ‘new year’s resolutions’ again, this is the month to step out...
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Discover the magic   Have you ever wanted to learn more about the hidden workings behind beloved DreamWorks films such as Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon or Shrek? From now till the end of September, you can! DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition is making its first stop in a...
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Restaurant Month: Celebrating #SG50 with Food   Our food nation Singapore turns 50 this year, and guess how we food-obsessed Singaporeans are celebrating it? With food! As part of the SG50 celebrations, Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has launched Restaurant Month, teaming up with 50 restaurants brands to create 50 new...
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