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Pop-ups are popping up   Pop-ups have literally popped up (sorry) everywhere recently, and in this article we've gathered the best of the best to get you through what is shaping up to be a brutal winter. After going through this list of pop-ups you have to check out, you’ll be...
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Oldies But Goodies   Do you remember catching spiders, playing catching, or Pepsi Cola 1-2-3? These were things we all did before we had even heard about Pikachu, when we had nothing more than our wits and imagination to occupy our time.  For this episode of Singaporeans Try, the good people...
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Newtown the underrated foodie paradise   Newtown is often mentioned in the same breath as hipsters, alternative lifestyles and graffiti, but not many know that Newtown is also a treasure trove of cafes and restaurants! For the foodie in you looking for some good food and Instagram-worthy pictures, we've curated our...
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The Defense Of The Ancients   Watch out for that boomer bile... I mean meat hook. Source I’ve played DotA (Defense of the Ancients) since 2004, when it was run on Battle.Net and later Garena. The game has changed significantly since then, and the game engine has been completely overhauled, but at...
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Escapism   We all love the buzz of Sydney city, but once in a while we also crave some peace and quiet. If you’ve always wanted to escape the bustling and buzzing atmosphere of Sydney but dread the long drives out of the city, you’re not alone. The beauty of a...
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Klang Valley steamboat frenzy   Coming from Malaysia, you would be more than acclimated to the two seasons we have to offer: blisteringly hot or exceptionally wet (picture heavy downpours on a daily basis). When the weather is extremely hot and humid, we can only think about having cold showers and...
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So you think you're Malaysian?   Travelling around as a Malaysian has got me wondering about how different we really are. We may not realize this but there are some things we say and do that are uniquely Malaysian - creating a culture and lifestyle of its own. If you are...
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Consumer Confidence in Singapore   Singaporean consumers are spoilt for choice. The perfect counterpoint between East and West, we get the best of both worlds. Literally. We love our Western television series, but go shopping at Japan's Best Denki. And after that, we go home to our homes developed by local...
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About Cairns   Source If you were to ask me what there was to do in Cairns, Queensland a month ago, I would have sheepishly said "Errr.. Great Barrier Reef?", while finding a hole to hide in, hoping my answer somehow satisfied you. That was sadly the extent of my knowledge...
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Big group dinner woes   We all understand the pains of organising birthday celebrations. The people, the dinner, the location -- you name it, we’ve gone through it. Given that we’re all sorts of popular, or social (whatever you want to call it), group meals are usually a headache to organise,...
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