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About Mitzo   Mitzo Restaurant & Bar is a new modern Cantonese restaurant in Orchard Park Hotel that aims to serve up your favourites with a twist. Traditional Cantonese recipes are updated for the modern palate, with creative and inventive presentation and flavours redefining the typical Chinese dining experience. It’s not just...
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About Club Meatballs   With an interior as well put together and concise as it’s name, Club Meatballs is conveniently located in the heart of the CBD, a short walk down the iconic China Street. Opened by the folks over at Sarnie’s, Club Meatballs doubles up as a showroom for BW...
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Sydney's best markets for the alternative shopper   Fashion and food and produce markets in Sydney are popular tourist attractions, but also a place where locals attend regularly to find cheap buys, purchase the freshest products, and support their community at a fraction of regular retail prices.  Be it secondhand clothing,...
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First Date Deal-Breakers   I speak from experience - first dates are really scary. How would you even begin to know what to say to the person you're on a date with? And don't get me started on the intimacy of the date. To me, it takes just one wrong step...
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Young, Wild, and Free!   You’re probably familiar with our monthly series of new & fun things to do (check out June’s!), but in honour of Youth Day, we’re making a special July version for youths!  For all the youngsters out there, this is your month. It’s time to appreciate being...
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The harbour city in bloom   Source Oh, glorious spring! The beautiful time of year when the sun’s rays are warm, the birds sing, and flowers bloom in gardens across Sydney.  Source If you’re craving for the perfect springtime experience, it doesn’t get any better than in Sydney. Waltz under a...
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Short films are amazing   Film in Singapore isn’t dead! We’ve already shown you some up-and-coming local filmmakers to keep your eye on and now we bring you 10 completely mind-blowingly amazing films you need to watch. Today, if possible. The great thing about short films is how well they fit into...
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PrettySmart Takes Over Mount Batur   Ever wondered how rolling out of bed at 1 a.m. to gear up for a mountain hike in Bali would feel? In this episode, follow Christabel as she takes you on a hike up Mount Batur, an active volcano standing at 1717 metres above sea...
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I Know You're Hungry...   What’s the first thing we Singaporeans do when planning for a holiday vacation? Suss out all the good food in the area. With many famous cafes and restaurants from overseas opening outlets in Singapore this month, even if you didn’t travel in June, you'll be able...
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Food Tour Malaysia   It’s no secret that Malaysia is one of THE places to go for good food, but for most travellers, some of the best bites can remain elusive. It may be a case of getting lost on your conquest (no thanks to our befuddling roads), or not getting...
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