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Australia's Must-See Animals   Australia is home to some of the deadliest, most fascinating and exclusive animals.  But do you know which animals they are? Not all of them are out to get you and not all of them are actually easy to spot.  No worries though, check out this list...
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The Best Clubs In Sydney   Harsh lock-out laws and alcohol restrictions have led to the belief that the nightlife and club scene in Sydney would suffer under the (some would say) draconian restrictions. We showed them otherwise. In spite of the laws, Sydney's club scene is more vibrant and active...
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Things to Do in Sarawak   "Do you guys have internet?" "Are the roads like.. straight over there?" "You don’t really live in treehouses...right?" These are the sort of questions I get whenever I visit another state and introduce myself as a Sarawakian. Don’t get me wrong! A lot of these...
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Be In Awe Of Gentle Bones' Talent Again!   Remember when Gentle Bones did an acoustic version of his hit song, Elusive? Well, if you were impressed with that, this one is going to unequivocally prove to you that this boy is exceptionally talented. For the second episode of TSL Acoustics...
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Dare To Go Bare   The Dare to Go Bare Challenge isn’t a full on nude challenge. No. It’s a much more worthy cause then that. It’s a challenge where you literally step out of your comfort zone. Here, we dare you to go bare… feet. If you’ve always wanted to do...
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About Princess Cruises   Back in the age of discovery, explorers set sail hoping to find new lands and riches for their kings. I grew up reading books of their tales, so setting foot on ships always evoked feelings of adventure within me. I would stare out at the the open...
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About TrichoKare   TrichoKare is a scalp specialist hair center that offers trichologist-validated treatment and European herbal hair remedies. Because the scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, their treatments guarantee real results regardless of your problem. Their treatments are super extensive and cover a huge range of problems - from...
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About Oxwell & Co   Oxwell & Co is situated in hipster central, Ann Siang Hill. It’s been around for a while but it was always one of those places I passed by on the way to somewhere else. I’d occasionally hear whispers about this English-inspired bar and bistro, so I...
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Big Eyes Korean Ulzzang Tutorial   In the latest episode of TheSmartLocal TV's beauty series PrettySmart, we have a makeup tutorial lined up for you. Attempt this Ulzzang Korean Inspired Makeup Tutorial along with us in this latest beauty episode! In Korean, "Ulzzang or 얼짱" is a popular South Korean term that refers to "best...
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This is Pika   The newest addition to The Smart Local office is fluffy and adorable. Meet Pika, our new office cat!  The search for Pika wasn't easy. We’ve been wanting a ragdoll for the longest time, but sadly, there aren’t many ragdoll breeders in Singapore. We even had someone try...
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