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Romantic Melbourne getaways   Winter is upon us, tax-time is looming, and on the rainiest of days, sometimes not even coffee can make you get out of bed. But what if I told you there were so many places in our glorious state that will re-energise you, re-start those July batteries...
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Local Malaysian snacks   As Malaysians, we are always willing to go the distance when it comes to food. Be it rain or shine, you will always spot eager foodies roaming around every day of the week just to get their hands on their favourite meals or snacks. It could be...
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Favourite Travel Buys From Europe   In the latest episode of PrettySmart, Christabel shares her favourite buys from her travels in Europe with STA Travel Singapore!From a fruit-infused water bottle to chocolates and a canteen, find out what wacky buys she hand-carried all the way home from the different European cities.Watch...
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It's the Second Half of the Year!    Welcome to the second half of the year! If you haven’t done anything productive yet, don’t worry - there are 6 months left in 2015. Besides taking the time to kickstart your ‘new year’s resolutions’ again, this is the month to step out...
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Discover the magic   Have you ever wanted to learn more about the hidden workings behind beloved DreamWorks films such as Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon or Shrek? From now till the end of September, you can! DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition is making its first stop in a...
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Ipoh's hipster cafe scene   Source Ipoh may not be the first place on our minds when we think of visiting cafes, but you’ll be surprised at how hipster the town has become of late! Weekends are always meant for brunch and quality time in a snug and comforting ambience, and...
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Restaurant Month: Celebrating #SG50 with Food   Our food nation Singapore turns 50 this year, and guess how we food-obsessed Singaporeans are celebrating it? With food! As part of the SG50 celebrations, Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has launched Restaurant Month, teaming up with 50 restaurants brands to create 50 new...
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We Tried Smelly Food...   Keiji has a knack for making us try weird food. Remember when he made us try the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion? So, in this episode of Singaporeans Try, he does it once again by making us try some really smelly (and I mean really SMELLY) food.  Keiji went...
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Muthu’s Curry goes back to their roots   Who hasn’t heard of Muthu’s Curry? As the pioneer of fish head curry in Singapore, the name Muthu’s Curry is invariably linked with Singaporean culture. To celebrate its 46th year of operations, Muthu’s Curry is launching a new limited-time-only menu ($32++ for two),...
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About Movit   Movit is a new revolutionary mobile app that totally eliminates roaming charges while you remain contactable while you travel the world. It’s also designed to project a professional image of you because your phone number never changes. All your contacts remain assured that they can reach you at...
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