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The biggest misconception about blogging in Singapore


The term 'blogger' nowadays gets thrown about a bit too carelessly. Everyone who owns a blog could call themselves a blogger and they would technically be correct. Yet, they may not posses the positive qualities people would associate with this term such as influence and large readership.

Some marketers try to exploit this in advertisements by passing off unknown 'bloggers' with little readership as authorities. Sometimes they don't do this on purpose either, they just don't know who to contact and desperately get some random blogger just so they can fulfill their 'blogger engagement' campaign. Others are PR companies just wanting to save money. Either way they look really silly to those in the know.

And this only makes thing worse. Firstly, the good existing bloggers are now associated with this group of unknowns - many of whom are fame hungry and into blogging for the wrong reasons. Secondly, the public sees these unknowns and the 'work' they produce and start to devalue this term. 

So how do you distinguish between these groups? Well that is exactly what this list is for.


What on earth are 'Power Bloggers' and what makes them special?


Because the best bloggers in Singapore have worked their butts off for years and are very different, they rightfully deserve an important distinction from normal bloggers. These popular bloggers are actually what I like to call "Power Bloggers". These are the bloggers in Singapore who are media savvy and professional, much like most food writers and journalists. They are fuelled by genuine passion which in turn makes them influential authorities in their fields. Passion is the hallmark of any good blogger. 


Because of this they naturally attract a healthy following and readership which makes them powerful, influential and must have components in media campaigns. Case in point - the blogger with the biggest social media influence had more than triple our Prime Minister's facebook fans. Yes you're looking at her. She may not be suitable for all campaigns but there is no one in Singapore, blogger or not who influences the young female demographic as much as her. I am quite sure just by having her own baby, she has inadvertently done more to promote childbirth then any other campaign in Singapore.

The most popular food blogger has 20 times his number of instagram fans.

The point of this list is to identify the 'Power Bloggers' in Singapore, the blogs that get the most traffic and wield the most influence. And to help separate them from being lumped with normal bloggers in Singapore. To be completely transparent this ranking is determined solely by Alexa traffic numbers. It's the same method used to determine the 20 most popular websites in Singapore.


How do you measure the Most Read Blogs in Singapore?


So if you want to see how your blog compares just go here and enter your URL. This ranking may not signify the 'best' blogs, but it at the very least indicates the most popular blogs in Singapore. Don't be disheartened if your rank isn't very good. If you're into blogging for the right reasons you will eventually get there. There are also plenty of great bloggers not in this list hovering in the top 80.

There are other important metrics to judge the influence of these bloggers but for simplicity's sake we will just be using Alexa Rankings which is the most accurate public measure of traffic that I know. Of course its not just readership, you should also be considering if the blogger fits your brand image, who their readers are and their ability to create memorable media before thinking of contacting them.

Also, different infuencers have varying levels of influence on across new media. Some are hugely influential on social media but when it comes to their blog they don't have much traffic or bother to update it. I personally think having an influential blog is more powerful because these posts are permanent and lasting. For example, in "instagram advertising" your reach has a strong initial blast but its basically limited to 1-2 days and no one will ever see it again. A blog post stays forever on the internet.

At the bottom we also have a list of some of the best bloggers in Singapore that aren't as famous yet but are definitely gems worth checking out. To produce this list I went through over 1,000 blogs looking everywhere from various google search terms to multiple blog award lists. Still skeptical of blogger marketing? Read this article I wrote for the Singapore Business Review. Smart PR agencies and businesses have realised how powerful blogger marketing is, don't miss out on the opportunity.

Every blog in this list represents the very top blogs across all types of categories in Singapore. I may have missed a handful but it is not deliberate. This list has been reworked multiple times since it first was created to be as accurate as possible. Just leave a comment below if you feel a blog should be included! 

Last Update 17th August 2013: Ranking has been refreshed and its getting a bit tiring to constantly update this list so I have decided to finalise it for the rest of the year. There are probably 80 or so power bloggers in Singapore worth engaging but that will take way too long to write up so this list just features the top 40.


The "Power Bloggers" - The most popular Singapore blogs


Blogs in this list may feel free to add the below image to their blog and link back to this article. Feel free to resize the award to fit your blog! Congrats again for those who made the list, you are all super stars and represent the best of Singapore. See you again in 2014 when we publish an updated version!



The Most Popular Blogs in Singapore

  1. Princess Dana Diaries
  2. Melicacy
  3. johorkaki
  4. Moonberry
  5. Naomineo
  6. Darren Sim
  7. The Dainty Candy
  8. Sengkang Babies
  9. Sophie Wilocq
  10. The Heart Truths
  11. ohsofickle
  12. Camemberu
  13. Gingerbreadmum
  14. Peonykiss
  15. AspirantSG
  16. yawningbread
  17. Beatrice Tan
  18. Alvinlogy
  19. sixpegs
  20. MrBrown
  21. cheekiemonkie
  22. mylovelybluesky
  23. Miss Tam Chiak
  24. Mitsueki
  25. Daniel's Food Diary
  26. Sakura Haruka
  27. xiaxue
  28. EdUnloaded
  29. Bong QiuQiu
  30. ieatishootipost
  31. The J Babies
  32. Travelerfolio 
  33. PassportChop
  34. Vivawomen
  35. TheSmartLocal
  36. ladyironchef

36. Princess Dana Diaries


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 770,268 Type: Parenting Blog


Princess Dana Diaries is run by Angie and David, but mostly Angie who dedicates the blog to their daughter Dana. This blog is in my opinion the most informative and well presented parenting blog. Angie spends an incredible amount of time detailing her posts with helpful information for parents and pretty pictures.

They only started on 2012 and I am sure one day they will be sitting among the very top blogs in Singapore. David and Angie also bring Dana around the world and here's a travel video they produced from their holidays in Korea.


35. Melicacy


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 748,103 | Type: Food & Travel


I'm really glad I get to include Melissa in this updated list! Melissa has a very pleasant disposition and she's a media darling, she gets invited everywhere! Although she just made it to this list, she has a stronger social following than what her traffic alludes to.

She is one of the few bloggers who can both write well and take gorgeous photographs. She started as a freelance writer and has turned into one of Singapore's top food bloggers. Because she's at events so often, he knows plenty that goes on in the blogosphere. She's been sharing some really scandalous gossip with me that is too juicy to be posted here hahaha.


34. Johor Khaki


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 719,539 | Type: Food Blog


Johor Kaki is the blog of Tony, who is actually a Singaporean with the mission of putting every good Johor Hawker on the internet, one by one. Johor you are SO LUCKY! He believes in not highlighting bad experiences for fear of hurting the hawker's livelihood and business.

His dedication is incredible and I feel at a similar level to Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost) as both of them seem to be the only food bloggers in Singapore who go out of their way to talk to the owners to discover more about their history and food making process... and then document what they learned for us readers online.

Tony has been recently won the very well deserved "omy Best Singapore food blog of 2013" for his efforts. Lately he has started to feature Singapore food on his blog. Personally, he is one of my favourite bloggers and he is super nice person destined to reach the top of the local blogosphere.


33. moonberry


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 652,889 | Type: Fashion & Beauty Blog


A fashion blog by moonberry who describes herself as a “Socialmedialite” and New York designer. She won the 2011 Singapore Blog Awards for best beauty blog. She regularly attends fashion shows and openings and is very active on instagram.


32. Naomi Neo


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 644, 132 | Type: Beauty & Food


Naomi Neo is a high profile blogger and blogshop model with a huge social media following of over 26,000 facebook fans and 60,000 twitter and instagram follwers. That probably puts her in the top 5 bloggers with the biggest social media following in Singapore. She also has an extremely popular youtube channel where she teaches her subscribers make up and beauty tips.


31. Darren Sim


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 616,247 Type: Men's Lifestyle Blog


Darren is a social media influencer on men’s lifestyle in Singapore and also the other half of popular blogger Melicacy. He graduated at the top of his cohort in SMU and even codes his own plugins. He is super friendly and nice in person and is very active with his philosophical thoughts on life on his twitter account.

He's one of the few true twitter personalities in Singapore.


30. The Dainty Candy


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 613,270 | Type: Food Blog


Jie Lin is a relatively new blogger with a small social media following but really healthy web traffic. She says her blog is a personal one not about food but since food makes up most of her posts I will categorise it under that. Her new blog skin is very pretty and her good traffic is probably the result of her web designing knowledge, pretty theme and good pictures.


29. Sengkang Babies


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 613,249 Type: Parenting Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_andy.png is a daddy blog run by Andy who shares the adventures of his wife and 4 children. He cherishes his children and believes there is only one childhood for kiddos so he wants to give them the best the first time round.

He hopes he inspires more parents to have fun blogging about their families. He sometimes writes on TSL and you can check out his reviews here. We had a quick chat with Andy about his Singapore favourites of the moment:

Favourite Food: Sembawang White Bee hoon (sengkangbabies)
Favourite Attraction: Singapore Zoo (sengkangbabies)
Favourite Hotel:  Festive Hotel


28. Sophie Willocq


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 607,190 | Type: Fashion & Beauty Blog


Sophie is a popular beauty blogger / model with a huge instagram following who is friends with other top female bloggers like Xiaxue. Being my friend's ex-girlfriend, I've seen her a couple of times in real life and she's just as gorgeous as she is in her pictures.


27. The Heart Truths


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 577,919 | Type: Political Blog


In under one year, Roy Ngerng has risen from complete obscurity to become the second most popular political blogger in Singapore. He may not the most influential political blogger and because his blogs can be hits or misses people may take what he says with a pinch of salt.

However, his endless passion to write about what he believes in has led him to churn out plenty of good reads and attract followers. When he writes articles, he usually digs deep and presents statistical evidence to back his statements. He has learned to tone down the emotions in his posts and I feel he will only continue to get better as time goes by.


26. Oh so fickle


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 577, 665 | Type: Beauty / Fashion Blog


Tammy Tay is a blogshop model and the owner of blogshop ohsofickle which she founded back when she was 15. Unlike most beauty blogs which just have pictures, her blog posts are comprehensive and helpful, which may explain the popularity of her blog. And of course it has lots of pretty pictures too!




Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 560,068 Type: Food & Travel Blog


Camemberu is the blog of Catherine Ling, a high profile blogger sponsored by Canon who has written sites like CNN and Yahoo Makanation. I really enjoyed traveling with her on our recent AirAsia trip to Yogyakarta and yay, shes going to do a soundbite for our next video!


24. Gingerbreadmum


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 477,852 Type: Parenting Blog


Gingerbreadmum is the family blog of Adora and she has her own hilarious writing style which makes her posts fun to read.


23. Peonykiss


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 477,594 | Type: Beauty & Fashion Blog


Pei Ling is the owner of popular blogshop agneselle. She is the only one who made it both to our top blogshops in Singapore and most popular blogger list. She regularly models her own clothes and her blog posts are filled with photo shoots and personal adventures with her Korean boyfriend.


22. AspirantSG


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 439,127 Type: Food & Social Media Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_aspirantsg.png is a Singaporean digital marketer who shares his experiences as an avid foodie, traveller & social media enthusiast. Besides managing his own blog, he is also a regular contributor on Singapore Business Review and Travelcasts. In our chat with him he shares with us some of his favourite posts. 

Favourite Food: Antoinette @ Penhas Road 
Favourite Travel Destination: Talad Rot Fai @ Bangkok 
Favourite Social Post: How to Grow from 0 to 2,000 Followers in 4 Weeks



21. yawning Bread


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 433,629 Type: Political Blog


Alex Au more commonly known as Yawning Bread is one of the most prominent political bloggers and activists in Singapore. He has being served defamation suits before for his blog posts which could be interpreted by some as an indication of the amount of influence he wields.

The difference between him and other "activists" is the amount of effort and rationale he applies in his well written posts. This is in stark contrast to those who just write very angry emotionally charged posts. If you want to start a credible political blog that is constructive and perhaps one day may result in change, this is how you do it.


20. Beatrice Tan


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 389,235  | Type: Beauty & Fashion Blog


Beatrice Tan is a high profile beauty blogger who has appeared in many media from make up videos to photo shoots. I first got to know about her when AspirantSG told me the story of how he got back into blogging. He went to a social media class taught by Beatrice and left really inspired.

She has her own blog shop and she's popular on her social media channels.


19. Alvinology


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 337,130 Type: Food, Travel & Current Affairs Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_alvinlo.png is the blog of Alvin and his wife Rachel. Alvin is one of the most prolific bloggers in Singapore having appeared in newspapers and many media.

At one point he was commanding over 30,000 readers a day. He used to work at omy and was in charge of their online marketing. In person he is really fun, humorous and popular with the other bloggers.


18. Sixpegs


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 325,312 Type: Travel and Food Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_peggy.png is a fashion, food and travel blog started by Peggy Chang. Her travel blogs are my favourite part of her site where she documents her many travels around Europe.

She also co-owns a Tiramisu Specialty store called The Tiramisu Hero with her life partner and most of her time now is spent running it.


17. Mr Brown


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 301,684 | Type: Current Affairs, Political Satire Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_mrbrown.png - The fact that the Blogfather of Singapore is this far up in this list just goes to show this list is more of a measure of 'web traffic' and not social media influence. Because Mr Brown would easily rank as the first or second most influential blogger on social media in Singapore. Though like Leslie, he will be near impossible to engage for invitations or PR as they are just not into the whole invitation thing. They live a good life and don't need any of that!

Mr Brown is satirist best known for his social and political commentary who writes with an enjoyable level of wit and analysis not expected from most bloggers. He used to have a column in the new paper until 2006 when he penned an insightful but alas controversial article titled "S'poreans are fed, up with progress!".

This resulted in the indefinite 'suspension' of his column in the paper. Many note he exceeded the OB marker (out of bounds marker), a term Singapore media uses that refers to topics not permissible for public discussion.

He also produces a lot of quality current affairs song parodies and skits on his youtube channel from themrbrownshow. His Klout score (social media influence metric) is an incredible 79, which puts him in the top 3 biggest social media influencers in Singapore only behind The Straits Times and Channel News Asia.


16. cheekiemonkies


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 301,636 Type: Parenting Blog


cheekiemonkies is run by Kelvin, a Daddy blogger with three children who's blog was initially started by his wife before he took over. Oh my it seems three children is the magic blogger number... where do they find the time!


15. mylovelybluesky


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 297,990 Type: Travel Blog


Mylovelyblue sky is a Chinese travel blog and the only blog in Chinese that made this list. I wish I could read Chinese so I could tell you more, but the only thing I can understand on her site is "Travel Blog Finalist" so there you have it!

We're instagram buddies so I see her travelling around quite a bit. How i wish she posted more in English!


14. Miss Tam Chiak


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 289,731 Type: Food & Travel Blog


Miss Tam Chiak also known as Maureen is a popular travel and food blogger with a passion for photography. She does not consider herself a professional food blogger nor a photographer as she does not believe her passion can become a job. I think she does both these things extremely well.

In person she is super down to earth and friendly.


13. Mitsueki


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 283,475 Type: Food & Fashion Blog


Mitsueki blogs about everything from fashion, food, current affairs she gets plenty of traffic. She managed to create an extremely friendly search engine blog which ranks her at the top of google for many search terms, which may partly explain her success. She also owns the blogshop GlamPuss.

She's well spoken and when you talk to her she comes off as someone very articulate and well educated.


12. Daniel Food Diary


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 277,543 Type: Food Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_danielfood_20130618-191106_1.png traces Daniel's food adventures in Singapore and around the world. He only blogs if he feels the food is worth it, so expect mostly good recommendations on his page. He enjoys hanging around Tiong Bahru the most, with "amazing food he grew up with at the Food Centre, from a simple delightful fishball noodles, lor mee to chwee kueh." He considers the Tiong Bahru enclave an attraction on its own with the mixture of indie cafes and old school bakeries.

In my opinion, Daniel is the third best food blogger in Singapore at the moment, hot on the heels of the big two. He writes well and his photography is good so I feel his blog is right in the middle of the spectrum that is ladyironchef (best food photography) and ieatishootipost (best food write ups).

He is extremely popular on instagram and usually he posts videos instead of pictures. He once posted on facebook on how he received over 17 food tasting invitations in a single day!


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11. Sakura Haruka


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 260,342 Type: Parenting Blog


Ai Sakura is a Mommy Blogger who is a full time working mom. She's really active on twitter and she enjoys sharing her insights on parenting and she has a super cute daughter!


10. Xiaxue


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 249,780 Type: Beauty, Lifestyle & Current Affairs Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_xiaxue.png - Probably the most famous blogger of them all, Wendy managed to carve a career out of blogging back when it was just a casual past time. She gets sponsored everything from home renovations to annual car rentals.

What makes her stand out? Her intelligent and provocative writing, fantastic photoshopping skills and her raw honest approach in everything she does. She's a member of Mensa and also bared her soul to the world during her plastic surgery experience back when it was a very taboo thing to do in Singapore. I also think she has the most engaging writing style out of all the bloggers. In fact, I can't name many who write creatively or have an interesting style that captivates readers.

She isn't afraid to tackle controversial issues or challenge ideas and culture norms and thus inevitably ends up offending someone in some way. I think that's how she got her initial traction. Nothing is sugar coated in her writing. She is extremely popular with the younger generation and enjoys a facebook page of over 150,000 fans. She has her own  TSL listing here where you can see glowing reviews from our members.

She may be only 9th on this list but that's probably because she doesn't update her blog regularly anymore. She is more active on her social media channels instagram and twitter these days, and she has one of if not the biggest following in Singapore among an individual for BOTH accounts. Get this - she has over double the fans on facebook then our Prime Minsister Lee Hsien Loong.

She is still the blogger with hands down the most influence in Singapore. I think she's making the transition to mommy blogger too with the recent birth of her son Dashiel, effectively conquering another popular market in Singapore - parenting.


9. Ed Unloaded


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 229,592 Type: Parenting Blog


Edmund is a Pastor, Wedding Solemizer and dedicated family man of 3 children. His blog caters heavily towards activities and places for parents to visit with kids and he is the most popular Daddy blogger in Singapore, who is no stranger to working with media and public speaking.

When I first read about him, I thought he would be super serious like a principal or something. But in person, he is actually super chill and friendly. It was so fun travelling with him and his wife Jia Hui in Yogyakarta and sitting with him naked in a hot tub after our massage. Yes you read that right. 

Speaking of which here is a video from our blogger trip with AirAsia which has a lot of Edmund! See if you can spot other popular bloggers who have also appeared in this list - Camemberu, Melicacy and Darren! The other guy who appears a lot in the video was my travel buddy - TSL writer and Makeshake Founder Seth who recently started his food blog and is doing pretty damn well.


8. Qiu Qiu


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 219,994 Type: Fashion / Beauty Blog


QiuQiu is the star of clicknetworkTV's (brilliant Singapore youtube channel btw) "Budget Barbie" - a show for ladies where she hunts for the best fashion deals. She runs her own magazine the "QWeekly" and there is something special about her which makes her extremely likable.

Considered by many to be beautiful already, she thought different and underwent sponsored plastic surgery recently to "correct her imperfections". She documented her whole story here.


7. ieatishootipost


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 178,728 Type: Food Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_ieat.png is run by celebrity food blogger Dr Leslie Tay who in the day runs his own family clinic. He has an extreme love for hawker food and often posts well researched stories behind the dishes and hawker stalls he recommends. He recently released two books that serve as guides to Singapore's best hawker food.

He is my favourite food blogger to read when I want to learn more about the history of food I am eating. Lately he has been working with channel 5 to create a new food show called "8 Days Eat" co-hosted with Belinda which will start airing in mid August.

He is the most high profile food blogger in Singapore, appearing often in media, events and television. A feat he manages to accomplish with a family and 6 day working clinic hours. A true inspiration!


6. The J Babies


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 165,827 Type: Parenting Blog


Mommy Kless has been blogging since 2009 when she was pregnant with her first child Joey, after a 10 year courtship! Her site the JBabies has slowly evolved into a giant database of helpful information for parents. They are currently the most visited parent blog in Singapore!


5. TravelerFolio


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 150,654 Type: Travel Blog


TravlerFolio is run by Eunice. After winning the Super Blogger award she ended up becoming a yearly judge for the Singapore blog awards. She travels all over the world and has built up an incredible portfolio over the years.


4. PassportChop


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 132,406 Type: Travel Blog


PassportChop started in Jul 2009 and is run by couple Zhiqiang and Tingyi. Being a travel blog, they feature stories of their travels around the world.


3. Viva Woman


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 120,915 Type: Beauty Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_viva.png - Run by Sesame, Viva Woman is the leading Singapore beauty and fashion blog. Sesame is a self confessed skin care addict who takes an interest in reading ingredient lists and is increasingly fond of using organic and natural beauty products whenever possible.


2. TheSmartLocal


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 50,611 Type: Travel & Lifestyle Portal


TheSmartLocal is the most popular travel and lifestyle publication in Singapore. In the month of March 2014, they hit close to one million unique visitors. The top 2 blogs in Singapore get more readership than every magazine in Singapore. TheSmartLocal has also received investment from the government and have been featured in newspapers and media like CNA and was a feature story in Canon's 'Think Big' Entrepreneurial series.

They were the first to successfully combine the editorial style of a magazine and blogging - mreging the best elements of the two - personal narratives and the standards of professional journalism. If you found this post about Singapore's best bloggers informative and enjoyable, you would love reading their advertorials too which are written in a similar fashion.

Their premium features also have engaging media like videos because they aim to make all content including advertorials stand out and be memorable for brands and readers. Whether or not their readers end up patronising the business, chances are after anyone sees their media, they WILL remember the brand. 

Just check out their video from our W Singapore staycation blog hosted by a Korean blogger / travel book author, Chloe Park. You can contact them for enquires or check out their Digital Media Solutions and Advertisement Rate pages.

TheSmartLocal is also the first publication in Singapore to offer viral content marketing - something that has picked up in America spearheaded by popular sites like Buzzfeed. TheSmartLocal is most suitable for big mainstream brands and recent clients include - Korean Tourism Organisation, Far East Hospitality, Singapore Sports Council, Caltex, Citibank, Mastercard, Beer Market, Liang Court, Hougang Mall, Tourism New Zealand and so on.


1. ladyironchef


Alexa Rating Alexa World Ranking: 47,148 Type: Food Blog


Although gets less Singapore traffic than TSL, it gets more international traffic and has a higher alexa rank, making it the top visited food blog in Singapore.

As most people know, ladyironchef who's real name is Brad Lau is not a lady. He, DanielFoodDiary and Leslie are far and away Singapore's top three food bloggers. 

Brad has received a lot of criticism from detractors for his writing, as his posts usually consist of just 1-2 pictures and 2-3 paragraphs of text. However, his blog stands out due do its eye catching photography. While others spend time writing, he spends his time on his photography and his pictures are breathtaking.

Not to long ago, his reputation was tainted after a story broke on yahoo/cnet about how he refused to pay for food in a "food tasting incident". In the end it was not his fault, but today he still has a lot of haters especially on forums like hardwarezone.

The last we heard, he charges $2,500 for an advertorial. From his twitter: "I am amused when I get emails demanding free publicity. Then may I ask, do you work for your company for free?

So is his asking price justified?

YES! I completely agree with what he said above.

Most of the top blogs hold an amazing amount of influence and power well worth your advertising dollar. You pay for what you get, its as simple as that. Because of their readership the top blogs get approached so often. It doesn't make sense for us to give you free publicity.

You may get some free 'exposure' from other blogs who are willing to do it for free but remember, not blogs are equal. You will get nothing close to what the top blogs can offer and most of the time your "free blogger marketing" will end up being completely useless. You may even end up thinking engaging bloggers are bad but the reality is you're just doing it wrong!


Final Notes


As a marketer looking to advertise on blogs, your first step should be to take a look at Alexa rankings for their web traffic as you really want to grab eyeballs in the online digital space and have people seeing your ad. Alexa reflects their online readership most accurately.

If you're blowing $8,000 on a single media buyout in a magazine that lasts one issue with say a readership of say 75k, you should not even flinch at the asking prices from top blogs. You will get more than your dollar's worth. 

That is why smart companies have been approaching the top blogs to run banners and sponsored posts / advertorials that you see on these blogs.

If you want to read more about blogger marketing check out this article I wrote for the Singapore Business Review. Companies should really be taking advantage of the current prices as its only a matter of time before advertisers catch up to speed and push prices up. You can also contact TheSmartLocal for advertising enquires.


So where does my blog stand?


Curious to see how much traffic you get compared to the rest of the world? Simply go to Alexa and enter your blog address. A rank under 2,000,000 is generally decent for a casual blogger, remember, this ranking is pitting you against all the websites in the world and there are billions of them! A rank under 1,000,000 is very good and a rank under 200,000 means you're a strong influencer and should leave a comment here so i can add you to the list. :)

Anyway, as long as you don't get a N/A ranking, people out there are reading your blog. :) Want to know how to get more traffic and improve your blog? I wrote a guide on 5 tips for Singaporean bloggers here using ladyironchef as a case study.


Other Must Know Niche 'Blogs'


Here is a list of other blogs that would easily made the above list if not for the fact that they aren't personal enough to be considered blogs. I feel they are more like niche sites rather than blogs - made with the blogger / wordpress CMS because its so easy to just set a site up like that.

They are great niche portals but technically not blogs, which should have elements of their personal lives. In two of these cases, these bloggers value their privacy so much they reveal nothing about themselves! Nevertheless, these three 'blogs' are exemplary and a pleasure to read.



BagaholicBoy aka Alivn Cher describes himself as "A man and his never-ending quest to seek out the best designer bags and life's other little luxuries." He is extremely popular with the hip female population in Singapore and is a very private blogger who blogs about bags.

I think with his sense of fashion and photography skills he would be a super star in the blogosphere if he blogged about more mainstream things and opened himself up. I think hes one of the top bloggers to approach for fashion coverage in Singapore.

Remember Singapore


"RemSg" as he prefers to be known deserves to have a statue made after him, or at least some form of serious recognition. Another fiercely private blogger, he goes through great lengths to document and preserve Singapore's heritage and history.

Visiting his blog is like taking a walk through one of the best museums in Singapore. The amount of effort he puts in his posts is remarkable, each blog entry is practically exhaustive enough to be wikipedia entries of their own but far better because it has SOUL and is not just anonymously contributed clumps of data meshed together.

Check out this post on national service which traces its origins and what army was like back in the day.

NoobCook Recipes


NoobCook is the most popular of these three niche blogs with an Alexa rank of 170,535. The blogger calls herself "wiffy" and describes herself as someone who "enjoys cooking even though I don’t think I’m very good at it".

I'm sure her readers will beg to differ, with over 15k facebook fans and every recipe instantly getting over 50 shares, she has built up quite the following with her simple to make recipes with great photos.


Magazine Blogs


The next set are a cross between a magazine and a blog. They don't have much personal element in them and they are what you'd imagine a magazine would look like if it only existed on the internet.

The great thing about these blogs are they being independent authorities and they have good readership too. Yay for independent media in Singapore!



WTF is a fashion magazine that you won't believe is run from Singapore. Launched in 2011, they offer insights into Singapore and international fashion trends and shopping. 

The founder of the website, Herbert Rafael Sim is particularly influential. He has more facebook followers on his personal page than companies have facebook likes.



Superadrianme is the brainchild of Adrian Seet, a former marketing executive who left the corporate world, taking the plunge to see up his own magazine blog. They cover everything from tech to beauty to fashion on their blog and are at the forefront of many events and launches.



Sparklette is run by Veron Ang, a talented web designer who runs her own web development company. Her blog features mostly food and lifestyle, and most recently information for kids and babies after the birth of her own child!


Featured Team Blogs


Here are some other popular 'team blogs' that don't fall into the ranked blogger category as these blogs consist of contributions from various posters rather than a single individual. 

Chubby Hubby


Started in 2005 by Aun, a journalist and photographer early in his career, Chubby Hubby is one of the earliest Singapore food blogs. He currently runs the creative lifestyle group Ate. His blog has been bestowed upon awards and mentioned a ridiculous amount of times in high profile foreign media. It's something you don't see from bloggers who's fathers aren't Tommy Koh.

I'm not alluding to anything! Perhaps he could have earned these merits which no other blogger in Singapore has received by himself. I will leave that for you to decide lol.

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow


Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a popular and relatively new food blog having started in 2011 and already with an Alexa Rank of 616,321. They are a community-based food blog and aim to represent Singapore from all walks of life.

Their main contributor is 'Wise Guy' - who describes himself as a "gay lorry-driving ah beng". They are friends with DanielFoodDiary and get an incredible amount of restaurant invitations every month.


Other Featured Blogs


Also check out our list of other great Singapore blogs that caught our eye. They don't get as much traffic as the rest but they are fantastic reads and we hope they one day do.



Oceanskies aka PY is a blogger similar to RememeberSG but her love is for raising awareness for the present undiscovered parts of Singapore. Her posts touch on art, culture and history and are always extremely informative with a lot of love and research going into them.

She occasionally writes reviews on TSL too and you and check out her reviews over here. I really wish her blog gets more attention, because it is amazing.

The Food Chapter 

b2ap3_thumbnail_foodchapter.png - A food blog by foodaholic Phoebe. She is a self declared "corporate slave who enjoys food as much as fashion." She is also very well travelled and has documented her food experience in detail in cities all over the world from Europe to Macau. Her motto is to eat to live but occasionally live to eat. Here is a list of her current Singapore favourites:

Favourite Food: Ember (thefoodchapter)
Favourite Attraction: Universal Studios
Favourite Hotel: Fullerton Hotel

Ang Mo Life


Ang Mo Life is the blog of a Dutch who moved to Singapore in 2011 who hilariously shares his life from an expat's perspective. He has already become well assimilated in our culture.



blankanvas is Pat Law's blog, the owner of social media agency goodstuph and novelty gift store THE DAMN GOOD SHOP. Not one to mince her words, her writing is captivating, influential and blunt. She's not somebody you want to piss off lol.


b2ap3_thumbnail_migration.png is a blog by "Migration Mark" who after graduating from university in 2008 decided to travel the world and eat! He has managed to find a sustainable approach to living this lifestyle, eating food and experiencing the culture and lifestyles from all over the world. He also has his own self produced youtube channel. Here's a list of his current Malaysian favourites:

Favourite Food: RA Nasi Lemak
Favourite Attraction: Mount Kinabalu in Sabah
Favourite Hotel:!

Rambling Librarian

b2ap3_thumbnail_rambling.png - Ivan Chew is a librarian from Singapore who started his blog to share with the world what being a librarian was about. His blogs are very analytical and well written and offers views on Singapore life from a fresh perspective. - A Malaysian couple blog that shares their reviews, travels and comprehensive recipes with readers. is a blog by Charlene which also features her husband "misterchewy". She gives good tried and tested insight from her married life in the form of dating ideas, staycations & travel ideas. She also loves photography and sharing whats hot in the local food scene. Here's a list of her current Singapore favourites:

Favourite Food: Backyard @ Dempsey (missuschewy)
Favourite Attraction: iFly Singapore (missuschewy) |  iFly Singapore
Favourite Hotel: Wanderlust (missuschewy) |  Wanderlust

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