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About EasyVan   EasyVan connects professional van and lorry drivers with people who require delivery services via a simple interface.To date, has over 250,000 customers.   EasyVan’s business model is simple: the customer needs something moved, he uses the EasyVan app to source for a driver, who picks up the item...
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Deals With Even Better Prices   The Chinese New Year season calls for a time of celebration, bakkwa, ang pows and awkward moments where you forget the name of the relative you're visiting. With a long checklist of houses to visit, it’s also about looking your best especially if you’re visiting...
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Dash - Money For The Modern Singaporean   We live in an age of apps. For every problem mankind faces, from language translation to dating, someone will invent an app for it. And if you’re one of us who perpetually has not enough cash in your wallet, you will love Dash....
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About Street Directory’s New App   Aside from eating, shopping has been long known to be Singaporeans’ national pastime, with most of us unable to resist a good bargain. I’ll be honest and say that I’m part of that “most” - my eyes light up whenever I see a good deal....
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Getting the Perfect Christmas Gift   With just days to Christmas, I figured there are only ever two categories of shoppers - the kiasus  and the procrastinators. A kiasu shopper is someone who plans way ahead of time and has gotten gifts for everyone one month in advance - family members, boyfriend,...
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About Liang Court   Opened in 1983, Liang Court at Clarke Quay is known to Singaporeans as the mall to go to for our Japanese fix, with stalwart tenants offering authentic Japanese merchandise, dining, and services, such as MEIDI-YA Supermarket, Tamoya Udon, and Barber Minami.  With the year-end festivities soon upon us, here...
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About Changi Recommends' Wifi Router   One of the many headaches I encounter when travelling overseas is having to figure out a way to stay connected. Sure, local SIM cards exist, and in the case of countries like Australia require complicated sign-up processes. If you’re a frequent traveller, you understand too...
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About the Entertainer Singapore   Singaporeans know a good deal when we see one. If you’ve not heard of The Entertainer Singapore yet, it is a mobile app that gives you incredible discounts, opening a whole world of experiences. Forget complicated discount models for this has a very simple two-for-one deal...
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About STA Vehicle Inspection   A car’s life cycle in Singapore can be likened to that of a person - we both need a continuous supply of fuel (petrol and food respectively) to keep going. And like human beings, cars need to go for regular check-ups in order to remain safe...
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How Singaporeans Can Meet 'The One'   Tell me I’m not the only one - imagining myself as the protagonist in a fantasy world of rom-com and sappy Nicholas Sparks movies living happily ever after. I, too, want to live to tell the tale of having met ‘The One’. But in...
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