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About FoodLine   I’ve never liked catering. The problem doesn’t lie with the food - it’s the pains of working around a budget and finding a suitable caterer that gives me a headache. I remember the days of scrolling through Google, clicking on every website, calculating the costs, before sighing when...
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About Chez Vous   Source: Chez Vous Chez Vous has been around for 20 years, starting out as a modest salon in Bugis Junction before growing into the luxury boutique salon that it is today. It is the first salon in Singapore to launch the “only hair directors allowed” policy, so...
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About TrichoKare   TrichoKare is a scalp specialist hair center that offers trichologist-validated treatment and European herbal hair remedies. Because the scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, their treatments guarantee real results regardless of your problem. Their treatments are super extensive and cover a huge range of problems - from...
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Big Eyes Korean Ulzzang Tutorial   In the latest episode of TheSmartLocal TV's beauty series PrettySmart, we have a makeup tutorial lined up for you. Attempt this Ulzzang Korean Inspired Makeup Tutorial along with us in this latest beauty episode! In Korean, "Ulzzang or 얼짱" is a popular South Korean term that refers to "best...
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March Favourites - An April Fools Special     In the latest episode of TheSmartLocal TV's beauty series PrettySmart, we SWITCHED THINGS UP a little! Got you by surprise didn't we? In this April Fools Special we brought back Joal (@joalong_) and got him to mimic our host Christabel (who is his girlfriend...
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Easy Everyday Eye Makeup     In the latest episode of TheSmartLocal TV's beauty series PrettySmart, we worked with one of our favourite beauty brands Benefit Cosmetics! We started the episode with an exclusive interview with Global Beauty Authority of Benefit Cosmetics, Maggie Ford Danielson. She shared with us more about...
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Yoga - More Than A Passing Fad   It’s official, the yoga craze has manifested. Unlike other trends like hello kitty or overpriced froyo, this might just be Singaporeans’ healthiest obsession yet. It’s public knowledge that yoga comes with a multitude of health benefits for the body and mind, but were...
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The Oriental Spa Chamber   Huang Ah Ma is housed within Porcelain Hotel across 3 restored shophouses along Mosque Street. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill beauty parlour. And whatever your regular facial treatment is, you won’t find it here. But we’ll come to that later. Huang Ah Ma is an oriental-themed spa...
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About Kris By MENCE   An anti-aging and weight management centre started up in Hong Kong, Kris By MENCE is an extension of the original chain, MENCE Hong Kong. The firm believes in non-invasive and non-surgical approaches when it comes to their slimming treatments. Their state-of-the-art machines boast abilities to detoxify...
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TSL’s Biggest Fan Yet   I’m sitting in a very comfortable spot in The Smart Local office - it’s near enough to the air-conditioner for me to be pleasantly cool. For the others sitting further away, it gets warm at times.  We were pleasantly surprised by our new Dyson AM07 Tower...
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