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Love Our Grandparents   From changing our diapers to cooking and taking care of us during our childhood years, our grandparents played pivotal roles in our lives. To thank them for their years of hard work and constant affection, let’s treat our grandparents to a feast at their favourite dialect restaurants,...
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About Restaurant Week   Whet your appetite and let your belt buckles loose because Restaurant Week is back in town again. From the 14th to 22nd of March, this event of gastronomic delight brings some of Singapore’s best and brightest restaurants to your taste buds with their special menus and affordable...
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A Foreigner Guide To Singapore Culture   When you explore a new country, the last thing you want to do is offend the locals - accidentally or not. Sometimes, you might even commit a faux pas unconsciously. So foreigners travelling to Singapore, fear not! We decided to come up with a series...
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Every Gambling Movie   This is how Night Owl Cinematics describes their latest video: "As a post-80s child, you would have watch 1 or 2 (or in our severe cases ALL of the God of Gamblers gambling movies starring Stephen Chow/Chow Yun Fat/Andy Lau).. They're all basically the same thing, BUT...
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Valentine's Day Special: How I Met My Boyfriend   In the newest episode of TheSmartLocal TV's beauty series "Pretty Smart", we sat down with our host Christabel & her beau, Joal. In this special Valentine's Day episode, Christabel reveals more about her relationship for the first time. Find out all you...
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About Great World Cabaret   Before today’s young ‘uns were partying the night away at Zouk and Attica, there was the legendary “Flamingo Nite Club” at Great World: host to the hottest striptease acts and the snazziest beats in all of Malaya. Without a doubt, the series of ‘worlds’ - Great...
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About Leonardo Da Vinci   The Mona Lisa made him a household name as a painter, mentioned in the same breath as  Picasso and Dali. But many people often forget that Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many talents, being an engineer, sculptor, scientist, and botanist as well. His curious...
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About Boat Quay   Boat Quay has transformed over the years. Once filled with cargo boats and hawker stalls, its streets are now lined with tables and riverside bars and restaurants in perfectly restored shophouses. Bumboats which once carried cargo now contain tourists, bringing them on a journey into their past....
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Singaporean Startups   If you thought Singaporeans are a boring and uncreative bunch - think again. We’ve compiled a list of startups to prove that Singaporeans can, and do, make the plunge into the dangerous and risky trenches of entrepreneurship. If you’re thinking of following in their footsteps, one warning: beneath...
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Literally Translated Singlish Terms   Undeniably unique and surprisingly simple to follow, Singlish is one of my favourite things about being Singaporean. But sometimes even as I utter Singlish terms, I can't help but chortle at how senseless it can be.  Even so, this powerfully efficient method of communication has flourished...
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