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TheSmartLocal writing positions


Note: If you're looking to intern, please go here instead.

TheSmartLocal team is made up of a very special collection of locals who love writing and sharing the best of Singapore with readers. We are a young fun start-up and we don't like the way other writers in Singapore print media get strangled by editorial red tape and corporate bureaucracy.

There is a lot of creativity and flexibility in our writing and company culture. We are currently looking to expand our team of writers and for a limited time period, we will be accepting applications.This is a voluntary writing position for people with a true passion for writing. So if you're looking more for a salaried job, this unfortunately is not for you and you should not read beyond this point. 

However, if you like what we do and are interested in instantly receiving wide readership for your content, honing your writing skills or developing your writing portfolio - this position would appeal to you. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for budding writers and journalists.

The best candidates for our team would be locals with a true passion for writing and aspiring journalists / mass comm students looking to gain valuable experience while still in school. To maintain the high quality of writing present on our site, only writers of a high calibre that demonstrate both dedication and ability will be accepted.


How can I become a TSL writer?


Long story short, aspiring writers should first register an account on TSL. After which you can start submitting reviews. Try to write about places you really love or really hate for your initial reviews, so they are more interesting. This is the proving grounds stage where you get familiar with our site and we get familiar with your style of writing.

If you pass the moderation period of 10 reviews, you will be promoted and allowed to write editorial pieces. That is when the fun really begins. When you reach 10 reviews just send us an email as specified at the bottom of this post.

Basic Requirements:

  • First and foremost a love for writing and the satisfaction of sharing your thoughts with others.
  • A good command of the English language. We value being able to articulate your thoughts in a clear and engaging way over having a fancy pants vocabulary.
  • The style of writing on our site is personal, natural and FUN. That is essentially what makes our content so enjoyable to read and our writers are expected to write in this style. Leave the boring formal copywriting out to the newspapers and magazines. 
  • Locals or PRs who have lived in Singapore for at least 5 years who are outgoing and know Singapore well.

Bonus Skills:

  • Active on social media through blogs, twitter or online communities.
  • Photographers / instagramers that take pride in taking that perfect picture.




We believe in having our writers grow with us and we often promote them on our social media channels and we give them plenty of opportunities.

Check out the brands and even ministers who share our content!

  • Contributing your thoughts to a popular local site that will instantly expose your writing to over 500,000 readers each month. That feeling when you see your friend sharing your article on facebook and then realising you wrote it is PRICELESS.
  • A dedicated platform to refine and hone your writing abilities. Many writers have had their writing substantially improve since joining our site and our writers are personally mentored on how to improve their writing further.
  • Our content is also syndicated on sites like Yahoo Singapore so your writing will be published there as well.
  • Top writers have the opportunity to attend complimentary media invitations ranging from sponsored holidays to food tastings. Examples here.
  • Top writers who plan to work in relevant areas will be given a personally written reference from TheSmartLocal which can be used in future job applications.

b2ap3_thumbnail_yahoo-singapore-TSL.pngOh look, our writer has the biggest story on Yahoo Singapore!


How to Apply


Step 1: Register an account on TheSmartLocal.

Step 2 (Optional): If you wish to be part of our editorial team, email your application after 10 reviews and in it include:

  1. Name, Age, TSL username
  2. Education background
  3. What you are doing presently
  4. Your areas of speciality
  5. Why you think you are suitable for this position
  6. Instagram / Blog if any
  7. Title your application "TSL Volunteer Writer Application"

Application Example (Keep it to 2-3 paragraphs):

Hello, my name is Chloe, I'm 17 and I currently study at Catholic Junior College. It's the school holidays now and I'd like to occupy my time constructively in an attempt to lend some value to my existence, which currently consists of me being a great big sloth.

I think I'm perfect for this position as I am a very avid explorer of Singapore. If there is a new mall in Singapore, I will be there and I will find a weird, out of place cafe there that will become my new guilty pleasure. If there is a new park in Singapore, I will be there exploring it till I find a nice corner where I can finish my book at. There are a lot of places I love especially in Singapore and I only wish I can publicly declare my love for these places and bring more traffic to them.
My speciality is food! I love checking out the latest cafes. At times, I fight people to take pictures of their food. Rawr! I also blog at and instagram at @instagram.

Interested candidates please email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after reaching 10 reviews.

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