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About Another Country    Another Country, a W!ld Rice production, brings together various poems, short stories, and play excerpts from both Singaporean and Malaysian history and looks to unite us from across the Causeway.  Featuring over 60 texts adapted to the stage, and each individual scene lasting no more than seven...
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Young, Wild, and Free!   You’re probably familiar with our monthly series of new & fun things to do (check out June’s!), but in honour of Youth Day, we’re making a special July version for youths!  For all the youngsters out there, this is your month. It’s time to appreciate being...
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Short films are amazing   Film in Singapore isn’t dead! We’ve already shown you some up-and-coming local filmmakers to keep your eye on and now we bring you 10 completely mind-blowingly amazing films you need to watch. Today, if possible. The great thing about short films is how well they fit into...
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Because in Singapore, Singapore   It’s weird, but it’s home. Other than the typical tourist attractions in Sentosa, here are some things you should do in Singapore - they may be on the strange side, but they’re off the beaten track and highly localised, perfect for anyone who wants to learn...
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About Tribes   Photographs courtesy of Pangdemonium In an exaggeratedly argumentative family, Billy (Thomas Pang) is the odd one out, because he's deaf. Although this leads him to feel left out in almost all the conversations that happen in the family, it also gives him a really sweet disposition, and he's...
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Stomach This   Buffets are great, but where’s the challenge? Call us kiasu, but there has to be something better than simply inhaling insane amounts of food, because gorging ourselves silly at buffets no longer fills us with the same sense of accomplishment as it once did. So, it’s time to...
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Heads In The Sky   Some say it’s difficult to experience stuff in Singapore. It’s not true - we have TONS of stuff for you to do - just mouse over that attractive white tab on the top labeled ‘Things To Do’. Now, you can add taking a FREE a hot...
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Bond with your family.   Kids, it’s time to kick back and enjoy your freedom after five whole months of studying. Parents, it’s time to take your kids on those outings that you’ve always talked about. Everyone's busy enough during the school season, and you should reward yourself and your kids...
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Illuminate the Darkness   “It’s the closest you can ever get to the deep sea.” - Claire Nouvian, curator of The Deep Only a few of us will ever get to see the weird and wonderful world deep under the sea with our own eyes. For the rest of us, the...
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About Comedy Fringe 2015 Singapore 2015 Comedy Fringe is a five-day-long stand-up comedy event, bringing together the best acts from within our shores and abroad. Featuring headliners such as Butch Bradley (USA), Gavin Webster (UK), Jonathan Atherton (AUS), and our very own Kumar, expect to laugh your socks off with these...
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